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Learn & Teach

Join us as we build future leaders that are ready to tackle the global water crisis. The Educators Think Tank is a group of volunteers that have a passion for educating youth about the global water crisis and the work of Water Mission. Their focus is on educational programming for students and presenting the information in fun and interactive ways at schools, educational conferences, community events, and more.

Lessons in a Bucket

The Lessons in a Bucket® resources, created by the Educators Think Tank, include lessons, activities, worksheets and resources to share the global water crisis and the work of Water Mission with children in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade.

Use Lessons in a Bucket activities in your classroom, at home or with youth organizations to start engaging your own future leaders. Access the materials below.

Water Wake Up Call Kit (grades 5-8)

An educational initiative of Water Mission funded by a SC Ports Authority grant.

Schools are invited to reserve our FREE literature-based kits to explore the world water crisis while reading the book A Long Walk to Water. These kits, on loan for 30 days, include:

  • a class set of books (25 copies)
  • a teacher discussion guide
  • the resource book Your Water Footprint
  • newly created teacher materials on a thumb drive which is yours to keep (water crisis facts, activities, games and suggested websites, videos and books)

To reserve the Water Wake Up Call kit contact the Water Mission Educators Think Tank at  Five schools have already selected their dates.  Help your students gain an awareness of the importance of water.

How would your students answer this question?

  • If you had to walk three miles every day to get filthy water, how would that impact your life?
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