Equipping Services

To increase access to safe water and sanitation solutions, Water Mission supports other nonprofit, humanitarian-based entities with several proprietary products as well as discounted, high-quality equipment from corporate partners. A summary of the products we offer is listed below. Contact us to request more information or view a detailed product catalog.

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Pump Selection and Solar (PV) Design

We offer a variety of submersible and surface pumps, including solar-powered pumps. Our team would be happy to help you identify the best pumping solution for your project and design the power solutions as needed. Learn more about solar-powered pumping.

Remote Monitoring Technology

Water Mission combines remote monitoring technology with our proprietary Monitoring and Alerting Platform (MAP) to provide instant, reliable data on the performance of safe water projects around the world. The SatWater Meter and Communicator are able to measure flow rate, chlorine level, system pressure, well depth, and more, while the online MAP provides real-time insight on acute technical issues and long-term performance trends.

Learn more about our Project Model and SatWater Meter.

Storage and Distribution

Our product catalog includes steel towers for elevated water tanks along with bladders and tap stands made by Evenproducts. We are also available to consult on the storage design of safe water projects to ensure proper volume and elevation are achieved.

Water Quality Test Kits

Water quality testing is critical to identify the contaminants in a water supply and determine the best water treatment method. At Water Mission, consistent quality testing is also part of our ongoing operation and maintenance strategy. Our product catalog includes four different test kits: Disaster Response Test Kit, Water Quality Test Strip Kit, Membrane Filtration Water Test Kit, and Arsenic Test Kit.

Learn more about our work with water quality testing.

Water Treatment Systems

The type of treatment system required depends on the water source and community needs. Water Mission offers four options.

The Living Water Treatment System (LWTS) is Water Mission’s patented, comprehensive water filtration and treatment system intended for use in developing countries and disaster situations, and is capable of treating more than 10,000 gallons of water per day. Learn More.

The Potable Water Chlorinator is a patented water treatment device used to disinfect water from clear water sources. It uses a simple erosion technique that allows for consistent chlorine dosing in a low-maintenance application. Learn More.

Reverse Osmosis systems are a high-efficiency system suitable for treating borehole water with a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentration of up to 10,000 ppm and can be sourced from various channels depending on need.

The Kohler Clarity Water Filtration System is designed for household use in developing countries. The system meets WHO water quality standards and can filter up to 40 liters per day.

Water Mission would like to partner with you to help facilitate the success of your safe water projects. Please connect with us to start the conversation.

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