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Step Into the Unknown

Small group material

In the Bible, Jesus calls his disciple Peter to walk to him on the water. Peter stepped out onto the water not knowing if he would sink but he trusted Jesus’ command to “come”. This year we want your church to step out in faith with us. Jesus calls us each day to step into the unknown, to leave our comfort zone, and to love “the least of these”.  By focusing on him, we will not sink in our doubts or circumstances. Let’s respond to the Global Water Crisis by taking action and believing that God can use each of us to bring safe water to the millions that need it. Our faith can be like Peter’s.

Engage your small groups in our six week “Step into the Unknown” small group study. Each session will include a powerful 4-5 minute video, a focus on a specific passage of scripture, discussion questions and real-life examples from people around the world who have stepped out in faith at Water Mission.

Week One - Radical Faith - Read the story of Jesus walking on water then calling Peter to take a step of faith towards him.

Week Two - Walking Our Talk - How do our words and actions play a part in how we live our lives for Christ?

Week Three - Starting Over - Read the story of Noah building the ark, and consider where God may be calling us, despite how it looks from the outside.

Week Four - Streams of Living Water - As Jesus calls us into deeper relationship as a disciple, he also sends us out on mission. Is Jesus your source of Living Water?

Week Five - At The Well - Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at a Well and it ends with many in her community being saved. Where are you being led to tell your story?

Week Six - The Least of These - Who are the least of these and how can I serve them? Where is God calling me personally as well as our group to respond?