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How it works

We are so excited that you are interested in getting involved with Water Sunday! There are several ways that you can engage your congregation, small group, or family through this powerful, life-changing event. When you’re ready to learn more, want access to our free resources, or would like a Leader’s Guide, just visit our Take Your Next Step page!

You can host Water Sunday any Sunday that works with your church’s schedule. Two dates we suggest are April 23rd and October 1st. We also have churches that decide to focus to use Water Mission as the mission focus for the whole month. They simply spread out the use of the resources. We have many easy-to-use resources available for you completely free. You can browse through these materials on our resource page. When you’re ready to access them, simply complete the form on our “Take Your Next Step” page and you’ll receive an automated email with all of them.

There is a funding aspect to Water Sunday, as the goal is to not just talk about the issue, but combine gifts from hundreds of churches to make a big impact on the lives of people around the world without safe water. We’d like to see tens of thousands of lives changed through this effort as they receive safe water and hear the Gospel, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Depending on your congregation, worship style, and demographic, you can do this a number of ways. The most basic way is to take a special offering or to donate your regular offering on Water Sunday. Many churches like to take it a step further by participating in a beverage fast. This is when you drink only water for a set period of time (we’d recommend somewhere between one week and one month) and donate the money saved by skipping soda, juice, and other beverages. This small daily sacrifice will not only raise money, but bring about spiritual growth in the lives of your members.

To help present the challenge, place custom wrapped water bottles at everyone’s chair before your worship service or have them available at the back of the room. We will mail you as many Water Sunday water bottle wrappers as you need – whether it’s 20 or 2,000. These Water Sunday water bottle wrappers are just one of the many resources we have available to help make your event a success. Visit our resources page to see more.