Water Builds Health For Moms in Malawi

Safe water builds health for mothers and newborns in Malawi.

Mchoka, located in the Salima region of Malawi, is home to approximately 8,500 people. On February 4, 2017, Water Mission commissioned a project in the community that provides access to safe water at the community health center and school.

Community members learn about proper WASH practices.

The health center is where women from this small Malawian community come to deliver babies. Chrissy Roberts, a grandmother awaiting the arrival of her granddaughter, shared tragic stories regarding the hardship.

“Before we had safe water, most women risked delivering at home or with a traditional birthing attendant because water was scarce. Before the baby arrived, the guardian or expectant woman had to walk one kilometer to fetch water from a contaminated borehole,” said Chrissy.

It’s hard to imagine what childbirth was like before the project, but thanks to the provision of safe water and training in proper sanitation and hygiene practices, infant and maternal mortality rates are expected to decrease in Mchoka. Chrissy is comforted by this as she knew what the clinic was like before safe water was available.

Expectant mothers no longer worry about collecting dirty water.

With safe water flowing directly into the health center, mothers no long worry about dirty water.

“I am happily waiting for my granddaughter without thinking about drawing water when my daughter’s labor pains start. God bless you [Water Mission] for bringing it to our community.”

– Chrissy Roberts

While safe water is already flowing, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) education programs are still under way with a goal of training everyone in the community.

Last year Water Mission Malawi provided safe water to over 37,000 people through projects in 10 communities. With 66 more projects in the pipeline, this growing country program of 22 staff members is impacting people’s lives through safe water. The Mchoka Community Project was made possible by the McKinnon Family.

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