Water Mission CEO on VoiceAmerica: The Fight to End the Global Water Crisis 

“It all started with an email,” said Water Mission CEO, George Greene IV, PE. It was 1998. Hurricane Mitch, now widely considered a “thousand-year storm,” stalled over Honduras for days, unleashing torrential rains and devastating floods that wiped away entire cities and communities. The Greene family understood the need for urgent relief, having personally endured Hurricane Hugo several years earlier. They also had personal family connections to Honduras.

George and Molly Greene pictured center, responding to the need for safe water after Hurricane Mitch

As news of the storm unfolded, George IV’s father, George Greene III, felt called to send an email to Leo Frade, the Bishop of Honduras, asking what he could do to help. God’s plan was put in motion and even a category 4 hurricane with extensive power outages could not stop His plan. Within 24 hours of sending an email—which 20 years ago wasn’t as common as it is today—a brief response came back requesting immediate assistance: We need six water treatment systems.


Molly Greene takes the first sip of water from one of the six water treatment systems brought to Honduras in 1998

George III, who owned an environmental engineering firm with his wife, Molly, knew that this was a technical problem that required a technical solution. He immediately set into action creating the six water treatment systems with a team of engineers and traveled to Honduras. What George III and Molly witnessed opened their eyes to the global water crisis and the reality that billions are forced to drink dirty water every day. These experiences in Honduras prompted them to sell their business and create Water Mission in 2001.

Solving the Global Water Crisis 

The need for clean, safe water is unfortunately all too common. More than 2.2 billion people, nearly one-third of the world’s population, lack safe drinking water. Water Mission exists to help end the global water crisis.

Water Mission and Braveheart Radio

George Greene IV recently spoke with Brian Reinbold, host of “BraveHearts Radio” on, about solving the world’s water crisis. In the interview, George IV shares that each of us can play an important role with our time, talent, influence, and treasure. He encourages each of us to have a kingdom impact by engaging in any or all of these ways.

Listen to the entire episode HERE.



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