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Two MLB Pitchers Invest in Their Homeland

Major League Baseball (MLB) pitchers, Jaime Garcia and Joakim Soria, have a lot in common. Though their teams compete against each other, the two share a deep bond as native-born sons of Mexico and committed Christians. Both are passionate about giving back to the people of Mexico by investing in water and sanitation projects that transform lives in the southern state of Chiapas.

Jaime, a World Series champion with the Cardinals in 2011, now pitches for the New York Yankees. He grew up in Reynosa, Mexico, near the Texas border, and fully understands the challenges that come with drinking contaminated water.

Jaime stands with Water Mission Mexico staff members at a safe water treatment system.

“I remember people getting sick and just accepting it as part of life, but now I see that it was because of the water they drank,” says Jaime.

For the past two years, his generosity has transformed six communities and bolstered the Water Mission country program’s capabilities. He enjoys visiting and engaging with the recipients of his projects, and shares his personal testimony as a powerful witness of his faith in action.

Jaime helps to build a latrine.

Earlier this year, Jaime introduced his good friend and countryman, Kansas City Royals pitcher Joakim Soria, to Water Mission. A native of Monclova, Joakim is also sympathetic to the daily struggle of the Mexican people, having seen it firsthand. He and his family immediately asked how they could help and are now funding three community projects.

Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Joakim Soria (48).
Kansas City Royals at Baltimore Orioles May 24, 2011

“God gives us many blessings so we can share them with others,” says Joakim.

The way both men give of themselves and their resources demonstrates their commitment to serving others. Both strongly believe that the love of God conveyed through Water Mission’s work in Mexico offers lasting hope and opportunity for people there. Johny Bermudez, Country Program Director of Water Mission Mexico, and his team consistently share the Living Water message with people in the communities we are serving.

Jaime entertains local children while visiting the safe water system.

Water Mission is grateful for these two unique investors who have made it a priority to serve their fellow countrymen with safe and Living Water that is transforming thousands of lives.

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