The Power of Trusted Relationships

Enkereri, Kenya

As one of the most well-known tribes in Africa, the Maasai people are recognized for their rich culture, fierce independence, and respect for the earth. Enkereri, Kenya, is home to a vibrant community of Maasai and is also the site of a brand-new safe water system designed to last for generations to come.

New safe water system in Enkereri!

In this project, the importance of our community development work in ensuring long-term success of sustainable water solutions is apparent. While our engineers are creating customized designs, the community development staff are building the framework that mobilizes the community to wholeheartedly pour themselves into the safe water project that empowers those served.  

Maasai in Enkereri, Kenya.

As part of our community development team in Kenya, Jackline Jebet spent several months building relationships with the Maasai people in EnkereriHer sincere interest and love for others is a primary reason she has chosen a career in community development. She spent weeks traveling to homes in Enkereri where she shared meals, spent nights, and asked careful questions to learn about the Maasai culture and the routines of the people.

Jackline in Enkereri
Community Development Officer Jackline Jebet in Enkereri

By investing in people, Jackline earned the status of a trusted friend and expert advisor, establishing a strong foundation as she helped lead educational workshops on the value of hygiene and sanitation, as well as the long-lasting benefits of safe water. Over the course of time, Jackline and the community development team helped the people of Enkereri envision a healthier future, creating enthusiasm for the safe water project. 

A mother and her baby in Enkereri.

By the end of a Water Mission project, the communities we serve are both motivated and prepared to oversee the day-to-day management of their systems. While the precision of the technology is essential, it is our intentional approach to education that ensures the project will be sustainable. When our staff enter a community, they’re not just asking questions and offering expertise. They’re building relationships — just like Jackline did in Enkereri — to make certain that community members will have safe water for years to come.

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