Thirst Quenchers: A Community Passionate About Ending the Global Water Crisis

Rev. Rob Sturdy has been a part of Thirst Quenchers, our community of monthly givers, for many years. “You can deliver clean, safe water literally to the doorsteps of children who otherwise wouldn’t have it,” said Rob. “You might never see it. You might never watch them enjoy it. But you can know that is what’s happening all the way around the world.”

Every month, Rob and others like him faithfully support our ministry, giving us the ability to provide resources where they are most needed, and they allow us the freedom to say “yes” when disasters occur.

Tapstands in communities in Tanzania provide access to clean, safe water.

Thirst Quenchers understand the importance of making a lasting impact through clean, safe water and sanitation, and their ongoing commitment enables us to expand our programs.

By becoming a Thirst Quencher, you join a critical team of Water Mission partners who make a tangible impact every month: a World Health Organization study shows that every $1 invested in water and sanitation solutions has a return of up to $34. Every dollar our Thirst Quenchers commit to giving each month has an exponential impact!

Every month, our Thirst Quenchers receive updates on the impact of their faithful giving and prayer requests for specific countries and projects.

Why do current Thirst Quenchers give monthly? We spoke with several of them to learn why they’ve committed to being a part of this integral community.

“We’re Thirst Quenchers because we desire to be good stewards of the resources that God has provided us and asked us to share with our global neighbors. We consider our monthly gift as part of our tithe to God,” said Corinne and Kevin Appleton, Water Mission volunteers and Thirst Quenchers since September 2014. They see monthly giving as a response to God’s call.

A safe water project in Kamphulu, Malawi, brings transformative change.

Jennie Pickens, HR talent acquisition specialist at Water Mission and Thirst Quencher since November 2015, views it similarly. She believes that being a Thirst Quencher is being a part of a larger mission. She said, “After having worked here for several years, I know the value of the work and ministry of Water Mission. I’m invested in seeing it not only continue, but also expand.”

For Abbie Pitner Love, a Thirst Quencher since June 2018, monthly giving is being a part of a community devoted to ending the global water crisis. She said, “I’m only one person… but what I learned in getting connected with Water Mission is that it’s not just me that’s making a difference. The impact that I am able to provide is only possible because a bunch of people are coming together and working to fight for the same cause.

A mother and daughter enjoy safe drinking water in El Encanto, Mexico.

For some, being a Thirst Quencher is part of their family identity. “[Being a Thirst Quencher is] a great opportunity for [our] family and for teaching our children about how they can impact the world — how they can make a difference,” said Sean McSwain, Water Mission director of partnership support.

We hope you’ll join this community of people who are passionate about providing clean, safe water to all. It has been blessing to witness what they can do when they come together to save lives.

Join the Thirst Quencher community today.

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