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Dina’s Dream: The Power of Safe Water

Dina can attend school now thanks to safe water.

Dina Damiton is a young teen whose life has been transformed.

As a 13-year-old student at Mchenga School in southern Malawi, Dina has many dreams. She loves learning and hopes that one day she might become a teacher. For Dina and others in her community, the beginning of school is always an exciting and nerve-wracking time. School is important to the children in Mchenga because it is often the only way for them to create a brighter future.

The students at Dina's school can learn because of safe water in their community.
Dina works out a problem on the board at school.
Dina and her classmates celebrate safe water flowing at their school.

Not long ago Dina became sick from drinking contaminated water. Her schooling was disrupted, and her hopes for the future seemed out of reach. Waterborne illnesses were a constant threat that routinely caused the Mchenga students to miss their lessons and the lunches provided at school. The task of collecting water also hindered Dina’s education. She often missed school while waiting for hours to draw dirty water. When the line for the borehole was too crowded with other women and children, she would trudge nearly a mile to fetch murky water from a stream.

No longer do the students at Dina's school have to walk for dirty water.

But today, Dina no longer has to worry about missing school. Water Mission installed a safe water treatment system in her community, bringing renewed health and hope for Dina’s school and several surrounding villages. With reliable access to safe water close to home, Dina and her classmates are one step closer to seeing their hopes and dreams of an education become reality. Water Mission Malawi’s community development staff have also trained local residents on healthy sanitation and hygiene behaviors, promoting behavioral change that will support a sustainable solution.

Water Mission installed a safe water treatment system at Dina's school in Malawi.

Water Mission builds safe water treatment systems in developing countries.

Water Mission installed a safe water treatment system at Dina's school in Malawi.

A teacher at Dina's school displays a lesson on the board.

“Waterborne diseases have been reduced among the children, and sanitation has been improved at the school. The school feeding program is also going well due to the presence of safe water.”

– Dina’s Teacher

Students at Dina's school in Malawi enjoy safe water for the first time.
Dina drinks safe water from a Water Mission tap stand at her school.

With access to safe water, the cycle of illness will be broken and more students like Dina will have access to quality education and the foundation it builds for the future.

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