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The First Volunteers: Partners in Ministry and Service

Our co-founders, George and Molly Greene, were the first to give their energy and time to Water Mission, paving the way for thousands to follow.

Yearly, we have approximately 500 volunteers who donate 18,000 hours of their valuable time to furthering the mission. They assist with everything from events and tours to administrative tasks and equipment assembly. They pray, work, and laugh together — a fellowship that has greatly blessed our staff and everyone who enters our headquarters.

A consistent presence in our production area over the past 18 years is Gene Lesesne, one of our longest-standing Charleston volunteers. Gene first heard about the need for clean, safe water at his church.

“Molly and George’s son [George Greene IV, Water Mission’s current president and chief operating officer] was attending the same church [that I was attending] when I approached him about helping,” Gene said. Through their conversation, Gene learned that Water Mission, then a newly established organization, needed people with various skillsets, giftings, and passions — people that would galvanize the young ministry.

“On a hot day in August 2001, I helped to load a water treatment system onto a trailer,” Gene said, referring to the equipment and supplies we deploy to country programs and disaster areas. “I’ve always liked serving in ministries and working with my hands. It was the best of both worlds.”

Since 2001, Gene has checked and repaired parts, driven forklifts, and prepared shipments of water treatment systems and supplies. He has also traveled to seven countries on work assignments with Water Mission, seeing for himself the urgent and enormous need for safe water around the world.

We are so thankful for Gene and all our volunteers — knowing full well that it takes a global effort to end the global water crisis.

Wherever you live and whatever your gifts are, there are many ways in which you can partner with Water Mission. We invite you to learn more by visiting watermission.org/get-involved.

Volunteer at our Charleston headquarters or in the Bahamas.

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