Safe Hands Need Safe Water: Providing Schools with Handwashing Stations

Ask yourself: Did you wash your hands today?

Almost half of the schools in the world do not have handwashing facilities with soap and water available to students. As handwashing is a key component of slowing the spread of COVID-19, not having access to handwashing resources is a threat to the health of vulnerable communities around the world.

The last five months have been a time for our world to reflect on what a “new normal” looks like for the foreseeable future: social distancing, mask-wearing, and continued handwashing with soap and water. But as the novel coronavirus continues to spread, it’s important to remember school children around the world who are still in need of clean, safe water.

Amid this pandemic, the global water crisis still looms, impacting 2.2 billion people around the world. Without access to safe water, communities are unable to wash their hands to slow the spread of disease. But you can help.

The #SafeHandsSafeWater Challenge

Right now, Water Mission is counting supporters like you to help spread awareness about the lack of safe water for safe hands around the world. By participating in the #SafeHandsSafeWater challenge on social media, you can encourage others to have clean, safe hands, and to remember those who don’t have the opportunity to wash their hands to slow the spread of COVID-19.

There are three ways to participate in the #SafeHandsSafeWater challenge:

1. Wash your hands! Record it, share it, tag it! Participate in the challenge on social media by sharing a unique photo or video of you washing your hands, and share why handwashing is important to you. Tag Water Mission on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter, to share your #SafeHandsSafeWater story. Challenge 3 friends by tagging them in your post and remind them to wash their hands.

See an example from former MLB pitcher and current Water Mission ambassador, Scott Linebrink:

See other examples:


2. Pray with us—lift up those prayer hands for #SafeHandsSafeWater. As COVID-19 persists, we pray for the health and safety of thousands of people in under-resourced communities around the world that lack resources such as safe water and soap—basic materials that aid in preventing the spread of disease.

3. Give the gift of handwashing—and save lives!  To date, we have installed nearly 3,000 handwashing stations around the world. With your gifts, Water Mission will install an additional 1,000 handwashing stations in schools and healthcare facilities.

You can help ensure that Water Mission continues to respond to global emergencies such as the COVID-19 health crisis by participating in one of three #SafeHandsSafeWater activities. By sharing with your social media followers, praying for our teams, or giving the gift of safe water for safe hands, your impact can make a difference in the lives of thousands of children around the world.

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