Resolutions with a Purpose

Each new year is a fresh start, holding the promise of possibility, change, and hope. Many of us set resolutions, inspired by the chance to start over, hoping that 2018 will be the year that we finally accomplish that one particular goal.

Charleston Walk for Water (2017)

Resolutions are a great thing – an opportunity to learn and grow, to become more compassionate and to refocus our priorities on the things that matter most. But what if we could multiply the power of our resolutions this year? What if our personal goals could also create change for thousands of people around the world?

Students in Honduras drink safe water at school.

Today and every day this year, we can join together to make a change. Not only in our own lives, but also the lives of the 2.1 billion people who will start this year as they have every other year before it: waiting, hoping, praying for safe water.

A man in Haiti celebrates the commissioning of a safe water project in his community.

Many of us hope to get healthier this year, maybe through exercise or eating well. In developing countries around the world, hoping to get healthy looks different. Without safe water, maintaining basic health is incredibly difficult. Waterborne illnesses abound in communities that lack access to this most fundamental resource. One person dies every 37 seconds from a waterborne illness.

Before their community had safe water, children in this Tanzanian community gathered dirty, unsafe water for their families.

But there is great news: waterborne diseases are preventable. With the provision of safe water for communities around the world, life without waterborne illness can become a reality.

A woman in Peru drinks safe water.

Some people set out with a goal each year to be more generous, whether with time, talent, or resources. This year, take it a step further. Let your generosity be contagious! Inspire others to join you by spreading the word and fundraising. Share stories of lives being transformed by safe water, offering your friends and family the opportunity to be a part of ending the global water crisis.

Children in Liberia celebrate safe water.

In 2018, infuse your goals with a little extra purpose. If you’re striving to get healthy, join us in walking for water so others don’t have to. Multiply generosity by fundraising and spreading the word. Gather your friends and family and make it your resolution to change lives together.

Sign up for the Charleston Walk for Water or host a Walk in your city. Together we will make safe water a reality for even more communities around the world!

Charleston Walk for Water (2017)

The Charleston Walk for Water
Saturday, March 17, 2018
9:00 AM
Riverfront Park, North Charleston


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