Project Disaster: Engaging Youth in the Global Water Crisis

A youth group builds a temporary shelter as a part of Project Disaster.

Imagine your community has been hit by a natural disaster and you’re now living in a danger zone – surrounded by wreckage, dealing with possible injuries, lacking access to basic necessities like food or water. How will you survive? This is the setting for an exciting new program for youth — Project Disaster — from Water Mission. Students become refugees for the day and compete in fun, challenging activities to see who has what it takes to survive.

We all want the next generation to see the bigger picture — to think outside of themselves and care about others — and sometimes it can be hard to make that connection. Social justice issues often feel intangible and unrelatable to students. Plus, when you introduce a complicated issue, there are many difficult questions… How should Christians live and love in light of everything that’s happening in the world? How can we put ourselves in the shoes of others? What can we do to help?

A youth group engages in a Project Disaster activity.

Students engage in a Project Disaster activity.

Project Disaster is a brand new program developed by Water Mission to spread awareness of the global water crisis and enable youth to make a tangible impact on lives around the world. Through pre-event fundraising, middle and high school students can help provide safe and Living Water to people in need. Our team has designed Project Disaster to engage youth groups through:

  • Learning about the global water crisis and disaster response efforts
  • Gaining spiritual insight into God’s view on standing up against injustice
  • Impacting lives around the world by helping provide safe and Living Water

Resources are completely free, and include a step-by-step planning kit, challenging videos, exciting survival activities, and a 5-day follow up devotional to craft a custom experience that youth groups will not forget. The program is designed to be flexible and scalable, regardless of the group’s size. Project Disaster is an excellent experience to help students gain a deeper understanding of the difficulties faced by people in the wake of a disaster.

Free Project Disaster Resources

Do you know of a student or youth group in your community that would love to make a global impact? Share this with your local youth leader! When they register, they could win a FREE TRIP to visit a Water Mission country program and experience the gift of safe water firsthand.*

Access the FREE planning kit at projectdisaster.orgACCESS THE PLANNING KIT

*View full contest details here.

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