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Withstanding the Flood: An Elevated Solution in Honduras

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”  —Proverbs 16:3 

When back-to-back Hurricanes Eta and Iota flooded the community of Campos Las Flores, Honduras, spreading toxins and waste into the local water source, Water Mission was there to help. Thanks to generous supporters like you, our team installed an emergency water treatment system and got safe water flowing quickly. When the worst had passed, we started looking at long-term needs.

In partnership with GOAL and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Water Mission considered the potential for future flooding. We designed and installed a safe water solution that included an elevated system and solar-powered pumping solutions. This kept all system equipment off the ground to prevent damage in the event of another disaster. But the true test of our design came sooner than expected.

Just as the project was coming to completion, the town was hit with another big flooding event. Everyone evacuated, and it was unknown what would be left standing.

Water Mission’s commitment to excellence is shown as we customize solutions to meet the unique needs in each community where we work.

When floodwaters subsided and residents could return to their community, they were overjoyed to see the Water Mission system standing strong, completely unharmed by the flooding. The project proved resilient thanks to the engineers who lived out our value of excellence in designing and implementing a best-in-class solution that could withstand floods.

Community members rejoiced together at the commissioning of the safe water project and expressed their gratefulness for the provision of a reliable source of safe water.

We finished the project and celebrated its commissioning. Today, 800 men, women, and children in Campos Las Flores have long-term access to safe water. Residents are confident their families will have safe water even if disaster strikes again in the years to come.

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