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Water Mission and In Touch Ministries: Partners in Hope

“But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.”
Acts 20:24 

This past April, the Water Mission team joined countless brothers and sisters in Christ to grieve the passing of Dr. Charles Stanley, the founder of  In Touch Ministries. Together with so many around the world, we celebrated his life of servanthood and obedience.  

 As Dr. Stanley said, “It is the Word of God and the work of God that changes people’s lives.”  

 This heart for sharing the gospel continues to make In Touch Ministries a key partner in Water Mission’s vision that all people have safe water and the opportunity to experience God’s love. 

One of the innovative ways we work together is by gifting those in need, such as refugees and victims of natural disasters, with In Touch Ministries’ device, The Messenger. This is a handheld, solar-powered audio device loaded with the Bible in local languages, as well as dozens of Dr. Stanley’s sermons. 

Using these unique forms of communication in native languages has allowed the message of the gospel to be shared exponentially around the world.

But these audio Bibles are not simply handed out. They are part of a program designed to build fellowship and spread the gospel even further. Recipients commit to listening to the Bible with friends and family and talking together about what they learned through Scripture. This is a special time of thoughtful connection for people who have endured extreme hardships, allowing the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ to reach more people.  

“The Messengers are a key resource in our Church and Community Mobilization Program,” said Joey Garner, manager of Water Mission’s Living Water program. “We offer them to pastors attending our trainings so that they can start discussion groups—which lead to discipleship groups—as they listen together to scripture and Dr. Stanley’s sermons.” 

Another unique way we work together to share the good news is through LightStream devices. In some rural communities where we built safe water projects, we also partnered with In Touch Ministries and Renew World Outreach to add LightStream devices to our water access points. The devices provide access to files via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and microSD card, without the need for internet or electricity. They are loaded with materials that promote healthy water, sanitation, and hygiene behaviors, as well as materials aimed at meeting spiritual needs. In Touch Ministries provided files for gospel readings, the Jesus Film, and sermons by pastors like Dr. Stanley. When people come to collect safe water for their families, they can easily download this soul-nourishing content. 

We are grateful for the example and legacy that Dr. Stanley lived out.  While we grieve our loss of him in this world, we also celebrate his going home.  Please consider praying for the ongoing work of Water Mission, and our partner In Touch.  There is much work to be done to continue quenching spiritual thirst and sharing the gospel.   


As a Christian organization, we know that the work we do must be empowered, sustained, and blessed by God to have lasting value. Help us make prayer our first work by signing up for Prayer Ripples, our weekly list of requests and praises from national and international staff. We would consider it an honor to have you praying with us.

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