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Water Builds Health at Marumba Health Clinic in Tanzania

Anyone who has seen a pregnant woman in labor knows that the last thing they want to do is to walk a long distance or carry something heavy. But for mothers in Marumba, Tanzania, that was their reality.  

Until a few years ago, those who needed medical care would have to travel hours to seek help. Although residents made strides in solving this issue by working together to build a local health clinic, they still had one major problem. The clinic lacked access to any water.  

Each patient had to supply their own water so the doctor and nurse could wash their hands and clean their medical instruments. Those who needed care, including laboring mothers, had to walk to a stream several miles away to collect water and carry it back to the clinic before they could be treated. 

With safe water available, medical staff can properly clean and sanitize clinical instruments.

“It was very challenging to take care of the patients without water, especially the mothers coming to deliver babies,” Nurse Carolina told us. “Patients had to bring their own water to clean the mother, clean the bed after the delivery, and for the nurse and doctor to wash their hands and clean their instruments for the next patient.”  

Thanks to the Lord’s provision and our caring friends, pregnant women in Marumba no longer face this challenge.  

Safe water allows medical staff to wash their hands well before and after procedures, resulting in a healthier patient care environment.

Water Mission completed a safe water project that serves nearly 10,000 people. Using solar-powered pumping, water is drawn from a spring, treated with an Erosion Chlorinator, and pumped out to 18 faucets throughout the community. Water is also piped to schools, churches—and the health clinic. 

Not only is there a faucet right outside the clinic, but safe water is also piped directly into the labor and delivery room. The dedicated medical staff at the clinic, Nurse Carolina and Doctor Deodatus, both attest to the significant improvement in people’s health 

“In my job, water is the first requirement,” says Nurse Carolina. “Nothing can be done without water. We are so lucky to have not just water, but safe water.” 

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