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Water Mission’s 15th Annual Walk for Water: Walk So Others Don’t Have To 

Today, you’ll likely use water countless times—to drink, cook, shower, brush your teeth, flush the toilet, and more—without worrying whether the water is safe.

More than 2.2 billion people around the world lack access to clean, safe water. Every day, millions of women and children walk more than three miles to collect water that is often contaminated—exposing their families to dangerous waterborne diseases.

As we enter into this new year, we invite you to join us to help more families around the globe receive access to clean, safe water. With the 15th Annual Walk for Water scheduled for March 20 in Charleston, we’re reminded that, even in this unprecedented season, we still have the opportunity to serve others.

What will the Walk look like this year?

While this year’s Walk may look a little different, the mission remains the same: Bringing awareness and raising funds to end the global water crisis.

This year, walkers will have two options: (1) Register for a specific time slot at Riverfront Park (spots are limited), or (2) walk virtually at a location and time of your choice.

Whether you attend the Walk at Riverfront Park or in your own community, we ask that you wear a mask and remain socially distant from others by staying at least six feet away from anyone outside your household. Learn more about the other safety protocols on the Walk’s COVID-19 precautions page.

Walkers carry buckets of water to simulate the trek made by millions of women and children each day.
Walk at Riverfront Park

When you arrive at the park for your designated start time, you’ll be directed to grab an empty bucket. Halfway through the Walk route, you’ll fill your bucket with water—simulating the trek that millions of women and children make each day to collect water. At the end of the Walk, you’ll empty your bucket.

Due to COVID-19, our team has taken the following precautions to promote the safety of all event attendees in Riverfront Park:

  • Staggered start times on the half hour with a limited number of walkers will minimize the number of people walking at one time.
  • All walk participants two years of age and older will be asked to wear masks.
  • All staff and volunteers will wear masks.
  • All bucket handles will be sanitized.
  • There will be no programming that encourages people to congregate in groups.
Walk in Your Neighborhood

You may prefer to walk on your own, at a location of your choice. If you choose to walk in your own neighborhood or local park, we still invite you to register for the Walk, in order to receive a Walk for Water t-shirt and participant materials.

We also encourage you to register in advance of the Walk to ensure that you’ll have plenty of time to safely pick up your t-shirt and materials prior to Walk day.

A Virtual Walk Guide will be available in February that contains resources and tips to make your Walk day and fundraising efforts a success!

Socially distanced walkers walk past the Water Mission headquarters as they take part in the Walk for Water.
Safety is Our Priority

Water Mission is committed to following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) safe gathering recommendations. All walkers will be required to wear masks, and there will not be an opening ceremony this year.

While socially distant, walkers will join in solidarity with our neighbors around the world who must walk every day to collect water that is often unsafe.

If you’re interested in taking part in this year’s event, please register at charlestonwalk.org. If you have questions, please email walk@watermission.org.

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