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Walk for Gladys and Children Who Need Safe Water Around the World

Every day, 12-year-old Gladys has a choice—one that could affect both her family and her future.  

Join A Walk for water

Like many girls her age, it’s Gladys’ responsibility to fetch water for her family. However, where Gladys lives in Golomoti, Malawi, water options are limited.  

This leaves her with a choice. If she walks to the nearest borehole and stands in lengthy lines to collect untreated water, it takes a long time and she often misses school. If she collects from the nearby contaminated river, which is also used for bathing and washing diapers, she and her family are at a higher risk of water-related illness. 

Collectively, children around the world miss more than 443 million days of school each year due to the global water crisis.

Gladys longs to go to school and play soccer and basketball with her friends. However, the lack of safe water nearby prevents her from doing these things. 

Sadly, many of the children in Golomoti face this same challenge. But with the support of friends like you, Water Mission is working to solve this problem. 

Soon, Water Mission will complete a safe water project in Golomoti, providing more than 20,000 people, as well as the clinic, schools, and churches with access to safe water.  

“When I’m at school, I like solving math problems,” said Gladys. “I want to do well in school, so I can have a good job. I especially want to be an engineer.” 

With water stations placed throughout the community, Gladys and the other children of Golomoti will have safe water close to home. This will bring health and hope, as well as provide more time for school and economic opportunities.  

“When we have the water project, I will have enough time to study. That means I will be able to perform well in class.” 

Gladys loves school and hopes to complete her education, something only 38% of girls in Malawi currently do according to UNICEF.

While safe water will soon transform the lives of Gladys’ and her friends, more than 2 billion people still lack access to this basic daily need. With your support, we believe we can help to end this global water crisis. 

Will you help us bring a safe water solution to communities like Golomoti around the world?

Throughout the year, people will gather for a local Walk for Water to raise awareness and funds to bring safe and Living Water solutions to people in need. Join the Walk for Water in N. Charleston, SC, on March 23, or find a Walk near you at walkforwater.com 

We walk so others don’t have to. 

Join A Walk for water