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Transforming Lives with Safe Water in Uganda

In August 2021, Water Mission commissioned a safe water project in Ikonia, Uganda, serving nearly 6,000 people. This solution relies on solar power to pump safe water into the community, schools, and health center. Technology like this offers a sustainable solution for Ikonia’s families, students, and patients. 

“It’s the pride of our community,” shares Jacob Isabirye, a clinical officer at Ikonia Health Centre. “So many health centers from other areas are asking how we did it or what we did to deserve such a grand facility.” 

Before Ikonia received access to safe water, women and children spent much of their time retrieving water.  

“My children’s performance in school [was] not so good since they wasted a lot of time queuing up for water at the well,” shared Patrick Lubaale, local council chairman.  

Juliet Nabiyre, a mother of three, is one of the 6,000 residents benefiting from safe water in Ikonia.

Today, with access to these resources in their community, life is transformed.  

“The water is very convenient to fetch,” says Juliet Nabiyre, a mother of three. “Can you imagine that anytime I want to get safe water, I just knock at the tap operator’s door, and she gladly opens the tap for me?” 

We pray for the day when safe water solutions are available in all communities worldwide. Until then, we give thanks for friends who come alongside us and make it possible for people in communities like Ikonia to lead healthier, more prosperous lives.  

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