Transforming Lives in Honduras 

Without sustainable access to safe water and sanitation, it’s difficult to live a healthy, productive life. For, Nahum, a coffee farmer in western Honduras, his family has long suffered from water-related illnesses resulting from a lack of access to safe water. These illnesses caused regular disruption to his two daughters’ education by preventing regular school attendance. Much of the family’s income went to medical bills.  

Nahum’s community and other farming communities in the region have now received Water Mission safe water and sanitation solutions. Our work includes empowering local leaders and forming a Safe Water Committee, as community-owned projects are significantly more likely to succeed for many years to come. 

Nahum and his family have access to safe water and proper sanitation for the first time in their lives.

Now, for the first time in their lives, Nahum and his family have access to safe water and proper sanitation. He and his wife spend their days farming while their girls are in school. They invest their earnings in their small business. Thanks to your generosity, this family—and thousands more in the region—are now healthy enough to build a better future.  

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