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Thirst Quenchers: Making Safe Water a Reality

There are 2.2 billion people worldwide who lack access to safe water. Our individual efforts to create change could seem like a drop in the bucket when it comes to a problem as enormous as the global water crisis.  

But you are not alone in this effort. Your support for Water Mission means you are part of the global movement to make safe water a reality for every person.  

The Thirst Quencher community of monthly givers understands the urgent need for safe water and takes action to help. They provide a foundation of support that allows Water Mission to expand our work in developing communities and disaster areas. 

“I can do my part,” says long-time Thirst Quencher Cathy Spragins, “to help bring clean water, hygiene knowledge, hope for a better future, and the love of God to hurting people through my donations to Water Mission and Thirst Quenchers.” 

Safe water has brought hope and transformation to Damaris’ community.

Thirst Quenchers helped bring safe water to Mavindini, Kenya, where Damaris, a mother of three, used to make an eight-mile (13-kilometer) round trip to collect water. She scooped what water she could from the sandy riverbed and carried it home with aching arms. Her family often got sick and missed school because the water was contaminated, but it was all she had to offer them.  

Her children’s school purchased water from tanker trucks. It kept students hydrated and focused on their studies, but it was expensive and had to be rationed.  

When the government drilled a well closer to home—two miles (three kilometers) from Mavindini—the water was still unsafe to drink. Damaris and her neighbors stood in long lines for the water, only to watch their families continue to suffer from illness.  

Thanks in part to Thirst Quenchers’ generosity, Water Mission installed a safe water solution in Mavindini. Now, abundant, safe water is just a short walk from Damaris’ home.

Damaris’ children are now healthy enough to attend school regularly.

“We were happy when the government drilled the borehole in our village,” Damaris said. “But we were even happier when Water Mission came. They not only treated the water but helped supply water to our schools [so] our children can take safe water and be healthy.” 

Safe water has changed every aspect of life in the community. Damaris and the other women have more time for their families and to earn extra income since they no longer walk for hours each day to collect water.  

With plenty of water for irrigation, kitchen gardens are springing up across the community. People can thoroughly bathe and regularly wash their hands—a welcome change in the hot, dusty climate. 

Families can also save money because they are not paying high prices for water at tanker trucks or buying expensive medicine to treat waterborne illnesses. For families like Damaris’, the compounding benefits of safe water access mean a more joyful life. 

Sustainable access to safe water means a brighter future for the children of Mavindini, Kenya.

Water Mission Thirst Quenchers are the driving force behind the transformation in Mavindini and other communities worldwide. Their commitment has helped bring safe water solutions and the love of Jesus Christ to more than 7 million people since 2001. 

Is the Lord calling you to serve your neighbors? Consider doing so by joining this team of change-makers. When you become a Thirst Quencher, you are part of a group with a shared mission: transforming lives through safe water and the Living Water of Jesus Christ.