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Thirst Quenchers Are Transforming Thousands of Lives Through Safe Water and God’s Love

Each day we have the opportunity to bless others and make a positive impact. When we join together to share our gifts, the impact is exponential. Today, lives are being transformed thanks to the faithful commitment of the Thirst Quencher community. The monthly contributions of this generous group are changing people’s lives every day.  

So far this year, more than 10,100 people around the world have access to safe water and an opportunity to hear the gospel through the support of Thirst Quenchers.  

In Katenje, Malawi, women and children would spend hours walking long distances to collect water. Some families would have to pay people to help them dig and clean out shallow wells. This costs them valuable time and money. Unfortunately, the water they collected was often unsafe and resulted in illness. 

Collectively, women around the globe spend 200 million hours a year walking to find water for their families.

“We faced so many challenges,” said Ida, a mother of three. “The water was very dirty. When we fetched water, we would wait for particles to settle down before using it.” 

Additionally, those who were physically unable to collect water had to pay others to fetch water for them or hire people to clean out the shallow wells they had dug. This was very costly and resulted in ongoing financial strain on many families. 

Now, thanks to the generosity of Thirst Quenchers and other supporters like you, more than 3,700 people in Katenje have easy access to clean, safe water. With multiple safe water access points in the community, including at churches and clinics, this project brings life and the opportunity for economic development to the area. 

Katenje has seen economic growth, as people from neighboring communities now seek out services in Katenje because they have safe water.

“Hygiene has improved in my family because water is readily available,” said Suzgo, a local businessman. “The project is also helping us make a budget and save money on water expenses now.”    

However, 2 billion people are still affected by the global water crisis. Lack of access to safe water causes illness, poverty, and conflict. Safe water is a necessity. With it comes health, hope, and life. 

Would you consider joining with others to bring safe water to those in need? As a member of the Thirst Quencher community, your monthly gift can transform lives. It takes only $50 to impact one person with safe water and the gospel. When you give monthly, you can bless many people with this lifesaving gift.   

As a Thirst Quencher, you will receive monthly updates with exclusive impact stories. You’ll see videos from in-country staff and interviews with the people we serve. We will share regular updates on how your gifts are bringing safe water and the Living Water message of Jesus Christ to people in need.   

We invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a Thirst Quencher. You can impact the lives of men, women, and children affected by the global water crisis.  

Will you take this opportunity to bless others by becoming a monthly supporter through our Thirst Quencher program today? 

Give today