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Thirst Quenchers: A Community Committed to Hope

So far, 2020 has been a year when many have been tempted to lose hope—but that is simply not a choice for Water Mission’s Thirst Quenchers, our dedicated monthly supporters who remain committed to bringing hope through safe water 

Through the ongoing support of the Thirst Quencher community, we can expand our programs and respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies like COVID-19. Thirst Quenchers helped make it possible to distribute hygiene education resources, install handwashing stations, and provide reliable access to safe water in at-risk communities just when they needed it most.  

Thirst Quenchers empower Water Mission to respond quickly to urgent requests for safe water.

While the pandemic seems like an insurmountable problemmuch like the global water crisisour Thirst Quencher community knows the impact that we can all make when we come together. Abbie Pitner Love, who has been a Thirst Quencher since 2009, says, “I’m only one person…but what I learned in getting connected with Water Mission is that it’s not just me that’s making a difference. The impact that I am able to provide is only possible because people are coming together and working to fight for the same cause.”  

When you become a Thirst Quencher, you are part of a mission-critical team who make a tangible impact every month. According to world heath experts, every $1 invested in water and sanitation solutions has a return of up to $34. Every dollar you commit to giving each month has an exponential impact! 

Thirst Quenchers help entire communities thrive as they are freed from waterborne illnesses and water poverty.

Can you imagine being a driving force behind an effort that will empower millions of women, children, and families to break free from water poverty for generations to come? And your own family might experience a break-through, too. Sean McSwain, a Thirst Quencher since 2016, says, “Being a Thirst Quencher is a great opportunity for our family and for teaching our children about how they can impact the worldhow they can make a difference.”  

Your prayers and monthly investment show your children that giving other children access to safe water is a way to show God’s love.

Since 2001, Thirst Quenchers have helped share safe water and God’s love with more than 5 million people. Now, it’s your turn. Use your voice, your prayers, and your monthly gifts to help Water Mission fight the global water crisis. 

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