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Staff Spotlight: Marco Mendez, Water Mission Technician, Mexico

To Marco Mendez, working for Water Mission is a dream come true. As a child he dreamt of being a missionary, sharing Jesus with others as he worked alongside them. Serving as a Water Mission Technician in Mexico, he feels he is fulfilling this calling. 

Marco first encountered Water Mission when his own community began a safe water project. Marco’s father had just passed away, leaving Marco to lead the church his father once pastored. When Water Mission Mexico Country Director Johnny Bermudez came to explain the project, Marco thought, “We are not alone! This is a sign. God sent them to restore [the community], the family, and the church.”

Johnny Bermudez shares with the people in Marco’s community about the importance of safe water and the hope found in the Living Water message of Jesus Christ.

As he saw Water Mission’s positive impact on the community, Marco’s heart was drawn to this ministry.  

“In each safe water training, I saw how Water Mission preached a message from Jesus,” remembered Marco. “I saw how many families were being restored and miracles of healing were occurring in the church after Water Mission came.” 

He began praying for the opportunity to work for Water Mission. However, with no immediate jobs available, Marco moved away to find work. During this time, he began to experience a deep depression. In his darkest hour, he remembered a great friend — Johnny Bermudez of Water Mission.  

“I heard a voice that told me to call him,” Marco said. “Johnny answered quickly. I said, ‘I feel very bad, could you pray for me?’ But something amazing happened. God began to speak to me through Johnny that night. He told me God had not forgotten me; God had a special plan for me, and many things still need to be fulfilled.” 

Two months later, Johnny informed Marco of a Water Mission job opening. Marco has now been with Water Mission for four years. Working and living in San Cristóbal de las Casas with his family, he spends his time installing water treatment systems and sharing Jesus with everyone he can.

Seeing the Water Mission team working, Marco thought, “I want to be like them. I want to do the things they do. I want to support others [like they do].”
“I love that all the work we do is to establish the kingdom of God and implement our values of love, excellence, and integrity,” shared Marco. I enjoy talking to people and listening to [their] stories. I take the opportunity to share a message from the word of God.

Johnny and Marco are good friends to this day, partnering together to lead worship services and share God’s love with others.

Praise God for the way Water Mission has blessed Marco’s life and is working through him to bless others.  

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