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Staff Spotlight: Jeison Nolasco, Project Manager

As Water Mission celebrates its 21st year as a nonprofit, we reflect on all those who use their time, talent, and treasure to serve communities worldwide.

As his team progressed on a safe water project in Lempira, Honduras, Jeison Nolasco received the news that his wife was going into labor. He dropped everything to be by her side.  

“I directed the installation of the water pipes through video calls,” shared Jeison, a Water Mission project manager. “A few days later, we completed the system’s installation.” 

Only family matters like this would pull Jeison away from his job providing clean, safe water and sharing God’s love. 

When he joined Water Mission, Jeison Nolasco says he was struck by the organization’s water treatment technology, project monitoring, and care about project sustainability.

Jeison and his colleagues on the Honduras team work alongside community leaders to analyze existing water sources and recommend the next steps. During these initial meetings, they ensure community leaders understand their responsibility to sustain the safe water system. Water Mission staff then work to establish a Safe Water Committee and provide safe water, sanitation, and hygiene training. 

Jeison experienced Water Mission’s dedication to excellence during his first few weeks on the job in 2019. “I was struck by Water Mission’s water treatment technology, project monitoring, and care about project sustainability,” Jeison shared. 

Your support allows staff members like Jeison to implement best-in-class solutions and share God’s love. “We are not only bringing physical help to the communities,” he said, “but also carrying the message of the word of God.” 

Join the Water Mission Team 

Are you feeling God calling you into service? Safe water charity Water Mission is hiring skilled people to accomplish the mission the Lord has placed before us. Visit watermission.org/careers to learn more. 


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