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Sharing the Good News in Mexico

For the community of Sur de Guillen, Mexico, safe water was a resource many families prayed for. When Water Mission answered God’s call to implement a safe water solution at a local church in 2020, residents witnessed a transformation in physical and spiritual well-being.  

Water Mission serves our global neighbors, regardless of their faith. Believers and unbelievers alike rely on the safe water provided at the church in Sur de Guillen, including Floridalma, a mother of six and grandmother of seven. 

“I have used Water Mission water since the project was commissioned,” she shared. “It’s a great blessing for us because all my family is consuming water that is good quality.” 

When she began retrieving safe water from the church, Floridalma was not a Christian. But when she fell ill, her perspective shifted. The next time she went to the local church, she sought something more than safe water—she went in search of God’s guidance. 

She asked the pastor to pray with her. After praying together, the Lord answered, and she recovered from her illness. After this experience, Floridalma kept coming back to church, now for the Living Water of Jesus Christ. She became a Christian and shared her faith with her family, who eventually also found salvation in Christ. 

When Floridalma fell ill, she visited the local church where she got her safe water. Soon after, she accepted Christ as her savior.

“I have seen the hand of God over our family,” she said. “I’m so happy to see all my family on the path of righteousness.” 

Wherever Water Mission serves, our vision is that all people have safe water and the opportunity to experience God’s love. We believe the Lord is concerned about the physical and spiritual well-being of all people.  

Partnering with the local church to provide safe water to residents of Sur de Guillen opens doors to sharing the gospel.

Safe water access in Sur de Guillen made that possible for Floridalma. 

“Jesus is my father and is the source of my life, I trust in Him,” she said. “He is my everything. I will never leave Him because I need Him in my life.” 

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