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Sharing Innovations in Celebration of World Water Week

With more than 2 billion people throughout the world lacking access to safe water, finding ways to leverage the world’s water resources is a high priority. This week, Water Mission will join hundreds of other organizations at the World Water Week conference in Stockholm, Sweden to improve accountability and sustainability of rural water systems around the globe. 

During the conference, Water Mission will be presenting and leading discussions in two sessions: “Challenging Climate and Gender Paradigms: SunWASH Ethiopia” and “Driving Rural Water Innovation,” specifically as it relates to solar-powered pumping. 

Solar-powered water systems are a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to provide safe water to communities.

“Planning and intentional design of solar powered water systems is critical to delivering sustainable, high-quality solutions that serve long-term needs,” says Water Mission Institutional Partnerships Director Mandy Goksu.  

While solar technology has been available for many years, some people still fear it is too expensive to install and maintain. Yet, research from the Energy Institute Administration states that “since 1989, the cost of solar power panels has decreased 94% making this an affordable and viable option.”  

As part of World Water Week, Water Mission and other innovators will share how contemporary innovations can help make progress toward solving the global water crisis and helping those in need. In addition, participants will learn about how organizations are using chlorine dispensers, sensors, results-based finance, micro-lending, and water quality assurance funds to create ways for global water management. 

Participants will gain opportunities to discern how innovations from the global scene could amplify rural water progress within their region,” said Water Mission Director of Engineering Design and Support Chris Cope. 

Safe water builds life in communities as it opens doors for economic opportunities and increases health for all ages.

With more than 20 years of experience in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector, Water Mission is committed to bringing relief to communities and disaster areas through safe water. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing with communities and other organizations are vital to making a difference. 

“We can do more together than we can do alone,” continued Goksu. “Our work in Ethiopia is a good example of collaboration that has led to more fruitful partnerships in other countries as well.” 

Join us in celebrating World Water Week and consider how you might help bring safe water to those in developing countries, disaster areas, and refugee camps around the world. 


Partner with us on our mission to honor God by developing, implementing, and sharing best-in-class safe water solutions that transform as many lives as possible, as quickly as possible. Click the button below to give safe water today.   

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