Behind the Scenes: Serving Clean Water Safely Amid COVID-19 

In the face of adversity, your support helps our staff on the front lines serve with love, excellence, and integrity — three words we live by at Water Mission. In the last three months, teams across our nine country programs have been providing safe water solutions amid COVID-19 to slow the spread of the virus in vulnerable communities, such as refugee settlements.

Your support has been integral to our ongoing response to the health crisis and has allowed us to install more than 400 handwashing stations globally. As we continue this necessary work amid COVID-19, we want to share with you how we follow and enforce precautionary measures in order to keep communities and our staff safe and healthy.

Safety and Security Precautions Amid a Pandemic

As one organization operating across nine country programs, it is important that our staff of more than 350 members plan and act uniformly and systematically — especially during a unique crisis like COVID-19.

Our global response team has outlined strategies rooted in safety and security. By developing a cohesive, internal safety and security campaign, our in-country leaders can concertedly implement protective measures.

As a whole organization, we have also updated our daily operational procedures to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, including frequent handwashing and disinfecting of surfaces. This is not only for the communities we serve — but for our staff, that they may continue their important work each day.

“As a leader during this unprecedented time of COVID-19, safety and security are key,” said Moses Ngania, country director of Water Mission’s program in Kenya. “Whenever we come to the office, our staff members must put on a mask at any given time and we must ensure that they wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.”

As leaders in the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector, it is important that our global teams follow the same guidelines that we promote within the communities we serve.

“You have an important mission: to save lives with love, integrity, and excellence,” a Water Mission safety campaign poster read. “You can only fulfill this mission if you remain healthy, safe, and secure.”

Serving with Love, Excellence, and Integrity

Across the organization, Water Mission’s three core values remain an integral part of how WASH solutions are implemented.

As a Christian engineering nonprofit, we are honored to serve God and share His love in our mission to help end the global water crisis and, today, halt the spread of the coronavirus.

“Above all, we love the people we serve and we love God,” Moses said. “Therefore, it’s important for us to keep safe so that in the evening, we can go back to our families.”

One of five posters created and distributed to Water Mission global staff to help foster a secure and safe working environment.

Serving communities with God’s love in our hearts goes hand-in-hand with serving with excellence and integrity. Not one value can stand alone.

Since Water Mission’s inception in 2001, the importance of maintaining high standards has been a priority. Part of operating with excellence is adhering to best practices, gleaning wisdom and knowledge from experts, and adapting our methods to the most up-to-date research findings.

“In Haiti, beginning with our staff, we focus on the new methods and precautions to stay in good health. This means wearing our masks, washing our hands often, and practicing social distancing,” said Willys Geffrard, Water Mission’s country director in Haiti. “We are doing what we are doing to preserve life.”

To preserve life. That is an enormous responsibility — one we don’t take lightly.

When our teams follow the same safety standards as those being taught in communities, the health and safety of all are upheld, and integrity is preserved.

“Integrity reminds us, no matter who is looking, that we must remain consistent with the values of safety,” Moses said. “Let’s together fight this pandemic by being responsible leaders wherever we are.”

Our Response to COVID-19 is Empowering Communities

Water Mission has installed hundreds of handwashing stations around the world thanks to the generosity of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation and Pentair Foundation. Your partnership helps us continue to provide resources both safely and securely.

A mother and child wash their hands at one of many handwashing stations made possible by our partners, like the Poul Due Jensen Foundation.

“We also want to thank you — all of you — who have contributed to help this work become a reality in our communities and all the countries where we have people suffering,” said Johnny Francois, Water Mission community development coordinator in Haiti.

During this unprecedented time, your prayers and support enable Water Mission to be on the front lines of COVID-19, serving safe water and sharing God’s love with all.

You help provide essential resources, such as clean, safe water and hygiene solutions, and empower under-resourced communities in rural, refugee, and disaster settings. Today, men, women, and children in these locales have a chance at staying healthy and safe amid this ongoing and evolving pandemic.

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