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Safe Water’s Impact on Education in Mexico

It’s back-to-school season. As memories of catching the bus or walking to school flood the minds of many, new generations are following in their footsteps. This time of year is often hopeful and exciting. But the devastating reality is that millions of children long to receive an education but often miss school due to illnesses caused by contaminated water sources.

This was the case for children growing up in Conquista Campecina, a small, remote community in Chiapas, Mexico. Many children were too sick to run, play, or go to school.  

Access to safe water in Conquista Campecina is improving livelihoods.

“My little boy suffered a lot in the past because we would drink water from the well,” said Angela, a mother of two. “He could play for 15 minutes and would just be tired. He would get sick and couldn’t go to school. When he finished kindergarten, he couldn’t even hold a pencil to draw or write.” 

Because of the community’s proximity to the ocean, the shallow, hand-dug wells were salty. Mothers like Angela prayed that their children could thrive.  

“I remember when we had meetings at school, there was one very frequent topic,” she said. “All the parents would say how their children were not attending school because of sickness.” 

With the help of faithful partners like you, Water Mission installed solutions to provide safe water for the entire community of Conquista Campecina. 

A Community’s Resilience 

While the community struggled with illness, its residents remained hopeful, selflessly helping one another. Now, with direct access to safe water, the livelihood of the entire community has changed for the better.  

“Now, my little boy is more focused,” Angela exclaimed. “He’s learning to use a pencil. He’s learning to write. He’s not getting sick very often. He’s not complaining about his stomach. He’s not in pain. Now, he is doing his best.”  


Angela’s son and daughter are thriving in school and enjoying their childhoods. It brings Angela great joy. 

Fighting the Global Water Crisis 

While we rejoice over Conquista Campecina’s access to safe water, 2.2 billion people worldwide still lack access to this basic human need. Water Mission is a clean water charity committed to working with faithful supporters like you to provide the gift of safe water and share the Living Water message of Jesus Christ. 

As children worldwide prepare for the upcoming school year, please pray: 

  • For the communities that are still awaiting access to clean, safe water.
  • For staff, local churches, and community members who work together to bless their neighbors through our projects.
  • For the relationships built between staff and communities, in hopes that everyone would come to know God and believe in his Son, Jesus. 

As you pray, consider how you might bless children around the world with safe water solutions and the opportunity to get an education. 


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