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Safe Water Makes Life Safer for Children

For many children, school provides education and time with friends, but for the children in Kacheliba, Kenya, school provides something even more essential for life—access to safe water.   

In the rural community of Kacheliba, water sources were scarce. Instead of attending school, many children, like teenage Nora, spent their days walking long distances to find water for their families.  

These journeys were exhausting and dangerous due to rising river waters in flooding seasons and other threats along the rural paths to the river. Additionally, the water collected often made them sick with typhoid and other water-related illnesses. 

“When the river floods and children go to fetch water, it is very risky because they almost drown,” said Pauline, a local schoolteacher. 

Collectively women around the world spend 200 million hours per day walking for water.

Encountering dangerous strangers while walking to collect water was also a common problem for women and children. One day, as Nora was on her way to fetch water from the river, she was approached by a stranger who assaulted her. She is now a teenage mother as a result of this experience. 

Nora is thankful for how safe water is transforming her community and giving her time to spend with her family.

With the help of friends like you, Water Mission has made Kacheliba a safer place to live. Collaborating with community leaders, Water Mission installed a safe water project at the school. This system provides access to safe water for more than 1,100 people. 

Now, Nora and the other children in Kacheliba have access to safe water at school, bringing them health and the opportunity to learn and grow. 

“It is important for girls and children to come to school because they will achieve their dreams and their life will be brighter in the future,” shared Nora. “When you bring the water to the school the girls can stay safe.” 

Access to safe water at school allows many more children, especially girls, to attend regularly.

Despite the trauma in her past, Nora is committed to attending school and working hard to be an example for her young daughter.  

“When I grow up, I’d like to be a doctor because they save lives,” said Nora. 

Nora and many others in the community credit Water Mission with protecting the lives of children by providing access to safe water. 

Salina, a mother of four said, “My children are no longer wasting time to fetch water. Instead, they use that time to study, and I believe their performance will improve.”  

Peter, a young man in the community shared, “I used to feel for the women and children so much. They really suffered, always going to the river. But now they just go nearby to the school. This is so good. 

According to UN Women, the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality, “an estimated 736 million women—almost one in three—have been subjected to physical or sexual violence…at least once in their life (30% of women aged 15 and older).” 

Sadly, the global water crisis leaves women and children like Nora at risk. At Water Mission, we believe there is hope. We are working to provide access to safe water for communities in need. 

With your help, we can give children the opportunity for safer, healthier lives. Would you consider giving a gift to provide access to safe water to children like Nora? 

“Thank you for saving our lives and making sure we have a stable supply of water,” said Nora.  

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