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Safe Water Makes Education Possible for Children Around the World

Every child has dreams for their future. Whether they want to become a skilled laborer, a doctor, or an astronaut, they all need one thing—some form of education. But for millions of children around the world, education itself is only a dream. On this International Day of Education, we join with others to celebrate the power of education and raise awareness for the needs of children across the globe.  

In many countries, a lack of safe water prevents kids from attending school. It is common for women and children to have the responsibility to collect water for their families. Collecting water can require walking long distances, consuming the time children would otherwise be in school. Additionally, the water collected is often contaminated, causing water-related illnesses. More than 443 million days of school are missed due to a lack of access to safe water each year.

Round trip, it takes Vanesa, age 16, and other children in Mankhaka Dwangwa, Malawi, more than three hours to collect water for their families each day.

But having access to safe water nearby provides health, saves time and provides the opportunity for children to attend school.   

Water Builds® Education  

Water Mission is working hard to bring safe water solutions to as many as possible around the world.  

Genala, a teacher at the Primary School in Suza, Malawi, has seen how safe water has significantly impacted education in her community. 

“Before Water Mission came, we had understaffing at the school,” said Genala. “Teachers would come, but without water here, they would ask to be moved to other schools. We also had low enrollment for girls because they had to wake at 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. and go to find water.” 

Then, Water Mission installed a safe water solution in Suza which serves more than 4,000 people as well as the school, clinic, and local churches. 

“With the coming of Water Mission, we have water close to home and close to the school. We have good staff at school and are producing good, effective learners. Since Water Mission came in, both boys and girls have been in class on time. They sleep enough at night, so they perform well in school. We have been so helped by Water Mission.” 

Benita, age 12, who lives in Chimwenje, Malawi, can already anticipate the positive impact Water Mission’s safe water project will have on her education.  

“I feel good because [safe water] means I can go to school and arrive on time,” she shared. “If I pass the Standard 8 [exams], I can go to secondary school. I want to be a police officer.” 

Benita is excited to attend school regularly. According to UNICEF, only 33% of children in Malawi complete primary school.

“We are happy here, but we know that other schools don’t have this,” continued teacher Genala. “Please remember our friends in other schools who still need safe water.” 

Will you give children the opportunity to attend school by helping us provide them with safe water?

Give safe water