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Safe Water for 250 Families in Padre Cocha, Peru

Because of your prayerful generosity, nearly 1,200 people in Padre Cocha are experiencing the benefits of safe water and the Living Water message of Jesus Christ. 

In partnership with other caring friends, Water Mission’s Peru team is finalizing its plans to transition Padre Cocha’s safe water solution to the community. By equipping the Safe Water Committee with the necessary water, sanitation, and hygiene training, Padre Cocha will soon independently manage its new system. 

Nearly 1,200 people in Padre Cocha are celebrating the benefits of safe water.

“Thank you for training people in the community to be operators,” said Mariano Manuyama, a Padre Cocha resident. “They are learning to manage all of the system equipment.” 

The project’s commissioning ceremony in December 2021 was full of joy and laughter. Children who no longer suffer from waterborne illness rejoiced in song and dance. Community members prayed over the new system, which provides clean, safe water for more than 250 families. 

Safe water charity Water Mission equips communities to independently manage their systems.

“Not only is today a day of celebration, but we celebrate every day enjoying this Living Water,” said Victoria Espinoza, Peru interim country director, during her speech at the ceremony. 

“We are so happy and thankful to Water Mission that God has placed His hands on them so they could come here to our community and improve the water,” shared Maria Laiche Huayta, a member of the Safe Water Committee.  


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