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Safe Water Builds Health for Children

Summer is often a playful time for children, but for those without safe water, there is little time for fun. Children in communities throughout the world spend their days fetching water for their families 

In Igamba, Tanzania, many children like Mussa, age 12, waited in long lines to gather water. Most people in the community collected water from a single handpump which drew directly from a lake where animals waded, and people bathed and washed their clothes. Fertilizer and chemicals also drained into the lake from nearby farmland. This water was contaminated and people in the community became sick, including Mussa.

“My friends [and I] had stomach issues because of the water,” said Mussa. “When I am sick, I can’t fetch water or play soccer.”

Like many other children, Mussa was often too ill to attend school or play.

The people of Igamba prayed for a solution to their stomach illnesses. 

“There was daily prayer and fasting for a safe water project in Igamba,” said Pastor Jairos, leader of the local Anglican church. 

When the community learned of a Water Mission safe water project planned for Igamba, they were overjoyed. Many, including Mussa, could see how this would transform their lives.  

“I will be happy and the whole community will be happy because Igamba’s major problem will be solved,” said Mussa.  

Through God’s provision and the support of friends like you, nearly 4,000 people in Igamba now have access to safe water. Water from a drilled well is treated, pumped to a storage tank using solar power, and made available at tap stands throughout the community. 

Safe water has improved children’s health and given them hope for the future.

Safe water close to home allows children time to attend school and to play with friends throughout the year.

When asked about his future, Mussa shared, “I want to be on Water Mission’s team to help the other communities have safe water. I want to be the Water Mission person who trains people.”

Now that Mussa is healthy, he can play soccer with his friends and enjoy his favorite school subjects, math and science.

Many children, like Mussa, still lack access to safe water. More than 2 billion people are affected by the global water crisis. Children around the world who lack access to safe water are often sick, with children under the age of five at the greatest risk of dying from water-related illnesses. The need for safe water is critical. 

This summer, would you consider giving a gift to provide access to safe water to children around the world? With your help, we can give boys and girls the opportunity for a healthier life and the hope found in God’s love.

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