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Resilience Amidst Ongoing Conflict in Ukraine

It has been more than a year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Cities have been destroyed, families have been torn apart, and millions of people have fled the country to seek refuge elsewhere. With unrelenting conflict, life is uncertain for those who have stayed. But in the communities where Water Mission is working, one thing residents can count on is safe water.  

Every day an estimated 73,000 Ukrainians have access to safe water thanks to Water Mission’s ongoing disaster response efforts.  We remain steadfast in our efforts to build hope and health by providing safe water in Ukraine. 

Recognizing the great need across the region, Water Mission immediately deployed staff to the region in February 2022 to serve Ukrainians who were fleeing as refugees to neighboring countries. We provided emergency safe water and hygiene kits to those who had left with almost nothing. After meeting immediate needs, we shifted to providing safe water within Ukraine.  

Over the past year, we have worked closely with Ukrainian city officials to identify the most strategic places to install and repair water systems. We have also coordinated with local organizations that distribute water to residents farther away.

Since early 2022, we have been providing thousands of Ukrainians with access to safe water.

We have installed multiple safe water units to newly liberated areas of the country. To date, these systems have produced more than 7 million gallons of safe water. Additionally, 52,000 containers have been distributed for water collection and 10,000 hygiene kits were produced and given out in the hardest hit areas of Ukraine

Five mobile water systems travel throughout Ukraine providing safe water to thousands of people each day.

Throughout our response, Water Mission’s goal has been to equip Ukrainians with the supplies and skills needed to keep water flowing continuously. Through the support of generous partners, Water Mission has trained Ukrainian water technicians to install and operate 44 safe water systems in seven cities. 

As the conflict with Russia continues, the need for safe water remains significant. Many regions still lack access to clean, safe water. Water Mission remains committed to supporting our neighbors in Ukraine with safe water and God’s love. We are thankful for the faithful and generous support of so many friends who enable us to bring lifesaving water and hope to people who are hurting and in need in Ukraine.  


Water Mission was born out of the need for safe water following Hurricane Mitch more than 20 years ago. Since then, support from friends like you have enabled us to serve men, women, and children following some of the world’s most devastating natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Will you prayerfully consider helping us bring safe water to those in need?   

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