Hope Goes Higher in Haiti, Renold’s Story

In the high mountains of northern Haiti, there is a small village named Zoranger.  To reach this community, you must venture off the nearest road—over a mile away—and travel by foot across a creek and up a mountainside. It is in this remote, hard-to-reach location, our friend, Renold, was born and raised.

As a young adult, Renold earned a living as a woodworker. He was trained in the Dominican Republic and often traveled there to find work.  But his life took a devastating turn when he suddenly lost his eyesight, with a condition that doctors could not explain.

Renold had to endure a dangerous daily climb to reach an unsafe water source. 

“My life was very difficult,” said Renold. After Renold lost his sight, his wife, Jesula, had to take on the responsibility of supporting their family through farming. 

Everything changed when Water Mission came to this remote region about a year ago. We constructed a safe water system that helps the village begin to flourish.  

“This is the most significant thing that has ever happened to Zoranger,” said Renold.  

Renold and his neighbors no longer get sick from drinking unsafe water as they now have a convenient, reliable source of safe water that meets their daily needs. 

Today, Renold serves as the “trusted counselor” of the community’s Safe Water Committee. Together, they make sure that the water system is maintained and operated properly and the community practices healthy water, sanitation, and hygiene behaviors 

This Christmas, safe water serves as the hope that you see reflected in Renold’s smile.   

This Christmas, you can bring hope to the 2.2 billion people around the world who still lack access to safe water. Please pray for Renold and his family, and consider extending God’s love to other men, women, and children like them through your gift of safe water. 

Give Safe Water

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