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Partners for Safe Water 

2.2 billion people around the world still need access to safe water—and Water Mission is committed to fighting the global water crisis. But we are not fighting alone.  

We are thankful for businesses that choose to serve those in need of safe water by raising awareness and funds. Read on to learn about five of the companies that have chosen to come alongside Water Mission to fight the global water crisis.  

Tommy’s Express Car Wash 
Every car washed at Tommy’s Express Car Wash helps build sustainable safe water solutions in developing countries, refugee camps, and disaster areas.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash knows that we can all do our part to help fight the global water crisis. This is why every Tommy’s Express location uses advanced water reclamation technology to safely clean vehicles while conserving water, using less water than washing a car at home.

It is also why Tommy’s Express supports Water Mission as it builds sustainable safe water solutions in developing countries and disaster areas. 

Since 2001, Water Mission has served more than 7 million people around the world. We are so grateful that Tommy’s Express has chosen to help conserve resources and serve its global neighbors! 

Summer House Realty 
Summer House helps build health, hope, and community through safe water for its global neighbors.  

Summer House is a real estate brokerage whose agents match families with the property and location of their dreams. They also know that, for millions of families around the world, dreams begin with access to safe water. This precious resource builds health, hope, and homes. So, Summer House dedicates a portion of the company’s commissions to help Water Mission build safe water solutions that open doors to education and economic opportunity.  

The Summer House team also travels to Charleston, SC, every spring to visit Water Mission’s headquarters. We welcome anyone to tour our North Charleston headquarters. Summer House’s visit is a team-building experience steeped in meaningful learning. We share about the work Water Mission is doing—and especially how Summer House’s generosity is impacting their brothers and sisters in need.  

“Summer House believes that when you work with the mentality that it is not about you, but about others, you will always be successful and have an energy and joy knowing that your work goes further…. The more we grow, the more we can give back.”  

Danley Sound Labs 
Danley Sound Labs uses its resources and influence to serve families with Water Mission safe water solutions in some of the hardest-to-reach places around the world.  

Danley Sound Labs exists to find favor and a good name in the sight of God and man through innovative loudspeaker solutions. Partnering with Water Mission to bring best-in-class, innovative safe water solutions to hard-to-reach communities is a natural outworking of Danley Sound Lab’s mission.  

A percentage of Danley’s revenue is forwarded to Water Mission quarterly to help serve our global neighbors by fighting the global water crisis. Danley also partners with us by raising awareness. An information card is included with each loudspeaker shipment expressing thanks to clients for helping provide safe water through Water Mission. The card contains a QR code that leads to the Water Mission website.  

We are thankful that Danley Sound Labs uses its resources and influence to bless men, women, and children around the world! 

Benevolence LA 

Benevolence LA is an online boutique selling jewelry and home décor. The company partners with Water Mission to save lives and transform communities around the world with access to safe water.  

A portion of the sales from its Water Mission collection is donated to our efforts to sustainable safe water access. They have even designed a premium blanket, made by traditional artisans in Mexico, called “Agua Azul” in honor of Water Mission’s work. 

Benevolence’s “Agua Azul” blanket honors Water Mission’s work in Mexico, where the blankets are made.

“To accomplish our work around the world, we partner with nonprofits who are incredible at what they do. We connect with attainable goals, like funding clean water systems, education for marginalized females, savings groups, awareness campaigns for human trafficking, and movie magic for terminally ill children.”  

FreeFly Apparel  
FreeFly Apparel celebrates life on the water and supports Water Mission in bringing safe water solutions to communities that otherwise must rely on water sources with dangerous contaminants.

FreeFly Apparel, our neighbor here in Charleston, is an apparel company that sells outdoor gear online. Owners Austin Elliot, Jenna Elliot, and Tanner Sutton “grew up outside with fishing rods in hand.” After leaving their careers for a simpler life, they built a family business that celebrates life on the water. It was a natural step to extend that passion for water to a desire that their global brothers and sisters have access to safe water. 

FreeFly Apparel has partnered with Water Mission to help build sustainable safe water solutions in developing countries and disaster areas. We are so thankful for their support of our disaster response and resiliency effort in The Bahamas. 


We’re so grateful for the many companies that have chosen to come alongside Water Mission. Contact us to learn more about how you can partner with Water Mission.