Hurricane Dorian Relief: Collaborating to Respond to Urgent Needs and Unique Challenges in the Bahamas

It’s been a week since Hurricane Dorian hit the Atlantic as a Category 5 storm. Water Mission’s disaster response and engineering teams are now on the ground responding to the urgent need for clean, safe water in the Bahamas. To get the latest updates on our relief efforts, check our Twitter feed and Instagram, where we will share photos, videos, and stories from the field as well and planning and logistics updates from our headquarters. “Water Mission is working with partners and local municipalities to mobilize a safe water system as quickly as possible. Given the lack of freshwater ... Read More

Thirst Quenchers: A Community Passionate About Ending the Global Water Crisis

Rev. Rob Sturdy has been a part of Thirst Quenchers, our community of monthly givers, for many years. “You can deliver clean, safe water literally to the doorsteps of children who otherwise wouldn’t have it,” said Rob. “You might never see it. You might never watch them enjoy it. But you can know that is what’s happening all the way around the world.” Every month, Rob and others like him faithfully support our ministry, giving us the ability to provide resources where they are most needed, and they allow us the freedom to say “yes” when disasters occur. Tapstands in communities ... Read More

Who Makes Clean Water Projects Sustainable in Mexico? Knowledgeable Community Members

Want to know how we implement long-lasting change through our safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) projects in countries like Mexico? In a country where water-related interventions often require strategies that consider infrastructure, education, climate, and macro- and micro-economics, having an optimistic outlook and a genuine love of people is the best approach. We recently interviewed Water Mission’s country director in Mexico, Johnny Bermúdez, about the fun, informative, people-focused work they do in and around Chiapas, a state in the southeast of the country. Read along to learn more about how safe water and sanitation projects lead to community empowerment! Our Mexico ... Read More

Grace and Grit: Celebrating Water Mission’s #WomenHumanitarians on World Humanitarian Day

Grace and grit — these are two of a million things that our female staff in Charleston and abroad bring to the table every day. This year, on World Humanitarian Day, we join the United Nations and other organizations in celebrating the women that make our work possible — delivering clean, safe water and God’s love to people in need! What is World Humanitarian Day? In 2008, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated August 19 as World Humanitarian Day to honor workers who have risked or lost their lives in humanitarian service. The day calls us to recognize the suffering ... Read More

World Water Week 2019: Water Mission Presents Rural Safe Water Best Practices

A team of Water Mission’s in-house experts is headed to Sweden in late August for World Water Week, an annual conference hosted by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). The six-day event will build on the UN’s World Water Day theme this year: Water for society – Including all. More than 2,600 participants from 350 organizations and 127 countries will gather to discuss groundbreaking research, best practices, and innovative policies from multiple perspectives and disciplines. This is Water Mission’s third year participating in World Water Week — check out some highlights from last year! Our team is looking forward to reconnecting with ... Read More

Lemonade Stand for Safe Water: A Summer Activity for a Cause

We truly are spoiled here in Charleston: beaches, creeks, waterparks, and the South Carolina Aquarium. How fun to be surrounded by water! This summer, as we venture out under sunny skies, we can encourage our kids to consider the value of this resource – and have a blast doing it, too! More than two billion people lack access to safe drinking water – that’s one-third of the world’s population. A girl collects unsafe water in a community in Kenya I recently shared this fact with my seven-year-old daughter by drawing a circle for a globe and shading a third of it with ... Read More