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Mexican Churches are Mobilizing to Bring Unity and Share God’s Love

According to a recent Gallop poll of Latin American and Caribbean countries, evangelical Christianity is on the rise. The number of those who say they believe in Jesus Christ is climbing, and reaching more than 40% in countries like Guatemala and Honduras. With this increase comes the need for discipleship of new and growing believers. Yet, biblical training in these areas is often limited. 

At Water Mission, our mission is to honor God by developing, implementing, and sharing best-in-class safe water solutions that transform as many lives as possible, as quickly as possible. As we work to provide access to safe water around the world, we also seek to show God’s love to all people and equip local churches through our Living Water program.  

Over the past five months, more than 100 church leaders across five countries have taken part in our Church and Community Mobilization Program and various Living Water outreach and training events. Throughout the program, leaders learn about biblical principles and how the church can bring unity to the community.  

In the last month, Water Mission team members have traveled to five locations throughout Mexico to share this program with rural congregations. 

In the training, churches learn to work together to bring unity to their community.

“We have learned about many subjects including the unity of the church and the different gifts that the Holy Spirit bestows,” said Dorys, a leader in the Lirio de los Valles Church in La Union, Mexico. “It is a great blessing to the church. We thank Water Mission for these trainings.” 

Learning how to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel message of Jesus Christ is a key element of the training.

In addition to training leaders, Water Mission team members also help churches carry out Living Water activities such as community movies, basketball tournaments, and teaching people how to share the gospel. 

“Thank you Water Mission,” said Jesus Eliseo Perez Hernandez of Ebenezer Church in Montaña, Mexico. “The water project benefits many families in the community. We are very blessed by this project and the living water trainings help us to know God better.” 

Throughout the training, church members learn how to identify the diversity of gifts within the church and their capacity to work as one body. In this unified spirit, they begin to understand that biblical knowledge will help them fulfill the mission of the church to serve and share God’s love with others. 

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