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Making a Difference: A Note From Water Mission’s President and CEO

Below is a special message from Water Mission CEO and President George C. Greene IV, PE. 

As we start this new year, I wanted to share how grateful I am for the support of those who come alongside Water Mission. It allows us to go into some of the most marginalized communities in the world and bring hope to people who otherwise feel forgotten. 

Last year, I was able to personally witness this impact while traveling to the community of Palos Blancos in Honduras. Even though it is situated 30 miles inland, Palos Blancos has experienced devastating flooding that historically hits every 10 years. In 2020, this 10-year tragedy hit the community hard—floodwaters left residents stranded for over a month. During this time, residents were forced to ration water at a rate of one liter per person per day. As a point of comparison, 13 liters is considered the minimum daily need, and in the US, on average, we use 380 liters per person per day. 

In this photo, notice the brown water line that is stained on the exterior of the home. This shows the 10 feet of standing water that this community experienced.

In response to the flooding that happened in 2020, Water Mission brought in an emergency water treatment system and got safe water flowing as fast as possible. As the disaster subsided, we focused on a long-term solution that was designed to withstand future disasters. Little did we know that it would be needed sooner rather than later when the next major flooding event happened in September 2022. 

Give Safe Water

Last May I had the chance to visit with residents of Palos Blancos and hear firsthand what they lived through. Their stories were unbelievable. The challenges that they dealt with were greater than anything we could imagine, and in Honduras when disasters strike, the people impacted don’t expect anyone is coming to help. 

The community’s expression of gratitude and appreciation was overwhelming, with community leader Alberto Mejía (pictured) expressing the greatest thanks.

The community’s expression of gratitude and appreciation was overwhelming, with community leader Alberto Mejía expressing the greatest thanks.

We specifically asked the community leader, Señor Alberto Mejía, about the impact of the water project in the community, and he shared two things. The first was that the water project had a profound impact on their ability to get back on their feet faster and start to put their lives back together (based on his direct comparison from two years prior).  

Secondly, Señor Mejía told us, “How do I know it’s making a difference? I can see it in my granddaughters. They used to get sick and now they don’t.” 

At Water Mission, our vision is that all people have safe water and an opportunity to experience God’s love.

As a Christian engineering nonprofit, we look to minister to people in both word and deed. The above highlights the deed aspect of our ministry efforts, and I hope my description allows you to see this example of the profound impact that you have allowed us to have. On the word side, we have an equally powerful impact specifically with Señor Mejía. As a result of our Christian witness in this community and partnership with the work of the local church, Señor Mejía has accepted Christ as his savior. 

These stories of the impact on otherwise forgotten people are made possible as a result of the generosity of people like you. For this, I want to say thank you, both personally and on behalf people like Señor Mejía, who have come face to face with their own mortality and have gone from feeling forgotten to knowing they are valued.  

I am hopeful that this story serves as an encouragement to you as we attempt to be salt and light in this broken world. 

Thank you and God bless.

George Greene IV, PE 

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