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International Women’s Day: Serving Refugees from Ukraine

On United Nations’ International Women’s Day, we honor women around the world. Many work diligently and with love to protect and provide for their families, from caring for children to contributing to household income. 

Those fleeing Ukraine are primarily women and children.

In recent weeks, the world has watched hundreds of thousands of women and children flee their homes in Ukraine. Many women waited with their little ones in 14-mile queues at dozens of border cities in the bitter cold, seeking refuge and safety in neighboring countries while their husbands stayed behind. 

Safe water is critical to preventing waterborne illnesses, which are especially deadly to children under five.

In any humanitarian crisis, safe water is critical to survival. Reliable access to clean, safe water can help prevent the spread of waterborne illnesses. Waterborne illnesses are especially deadly to young children. Women who have already risked so much for their children need clean, safe water in refugee settings to continue keeping their little ones safe. 

Exhausted after fleeing Ukraine, children in Przemysl Train Station and other border crossings must have access to safe water to stay healthy.

Thanks to generous friends who came alongside us, Water Mission was ready to respond to the crisis. Within days, we sent an assessment team to the region to evaluate the safe water, sanitation, and hygiene needs of those displaced by the crisis. We are now actively working with partners and local churches to care for and serve those impacted.    


Water Mission’s Global Partnerships Director, Melissa Blauvelt, is one of our team members responding in Eastern Europe. From the border crossing in Korczowa, Poland, Melissa sends her thanks to our supporters who have enabled her to “be on the border supporting vulnerable women and children in their flight out of Ukraine.”  

Refugees at the Korczowa Reception Center can get some rest, have a meal and a shower, and simply warm up from the bitter cold. Then many take buses to other locations, while others stay as they have nowhere else to go.

The reception center in Korczowa is housing 2,000 to 3,000 refugees from Ukraine, Melissa shares. She says, “Inside, you see lots of women…doing their best to care for their kids and comfort them.” 

“In honor of Women’s Day, we just lift up these women and children,” Melissa continues. “Please say a prayer for them and their safety. We don’t know where they’re going next, but we know it’s a tough journey. It’s hard to leave your husbands, brothers, and sons behind.”

Water Mission has more than 20 years of experience responding to natural disasters and humanitarian crises, meeting immediate needs and developing longer-term solutions. In each response, our team is there to reassure those dealing with overwhelming loss that God is with them.   

In refugee situations, speed and best-in-class solutions are crucial.

Please pray for the women of Ukraine and the surrounding region. We also invite you to consider supporting Water Mission’s relief efforts to serve those displaced by the conflict. When you partner with Water Mission, you bring health and hope to women and families in their time of need.