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In Her Own Words: Marjorie Amasifuen on Community Development in Peru

My name is Marjorie, and I have worked with Water Mission Peru since 2018 focusing on community development. I train local Safe Water Committees (SWC) to lead water projects with wisdom and integrity so that safe water flows for many years. When the community fully believes that a project is theirs, they know they must take care of it, manage it properly, and be good custodians. 

I also work with the local church to train people in healthy safe water, sanitation, and hygiene practices. By involving the whole community—including all family members—men, women, and even children share what they learn with their friends and their neighbors. It means we are following the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and loving others. 

Marjorie feels blessed to work for an organization that is unified in Christian mission and cares for one another like family.

Since I was a child, I have always loved nature, animals, and people—all of God’s creation. I began going to church at age seven, even reading the Word of God in front of the [congregation], standing on a small chair so people could see me. I firmly believe that God already had a plan for me and was preparing me for my responsibilities at Water Mission.  

It has been such a blessing to work here for the past five years. What differentiates Water Mission from other organizations is its Christian worldview. I have the freedom and peace to talk about God without the fear of being silenced or verbally attacked. In some companies, they are more concerned about fulfilling their task, no matter if it is the right thing to do or if it is done well. But Water Mission’s vision and mission are God-centered and whatever we do is to glorify and honor Him.   

Water Mission motivates the staff to continue growing in God, encouraging us to keep His Word and reflect it in our work. Because of this, through my work, I can continue to share the good news of God.  

One of the most significant experiences I have had was in the community of San Roque. When we started the project here, people did not believe a word we said, because so many companies and authorities had promised water projects that never happened. Residents thought we were just another organization that was lying to them. But as the project progressed, little by little, we built trust within the community. Bonds of respect, confidence, and even friendship were forged.  

For example, one day in San Roque I became very ill. I was there all alone and was too sick to make the three-day boat trip home to my family. But the families of San Roque cared for me. They were concerned with me, accompanied me to the health center, and got me an IV with medicine. As I recovered, they visited me and took good care of me. Thank God, I never felt like I was without family. 

In San Roque, people thank God for the opportunity to improve their quality of life. They thank God for using Water Mission as a tool to do so. They know, and I know, that the improvements because of safe water were only possible because of God. 

God is so wonderful. He prepared me to work in the Water Mission Organization. This is the best opportunity I have had in my life so far.