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Hope Through Emergency Safe Water in Turkey

Although it’s been more than two months since deadly earthquakes struck Turkey, more than 3 million people remain homeless and unsure of their future. Among them is Melek, a mother and aunt who is doing her best to care for her family in this desperate situation.  

Fearing for their safety, Melek, and her nieces and nephew left their home in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, shortly after the earthquakes. Like thousands of other people affected, they now live in a small tent in a camp for internally displaced people (IDPs). In a matter of minutes, Melek and others lost everything, including daily necessities like access to safe water.  

When Melek’s family first moved to the IDP camp, they struggled to access sufficient drinking water and food. Then, Water Mission installed a safe water system at the camp at the end of February.

“Before you came, we were using 5-liter bottles of water in our kitchen and it was very difficult to carry,” said Müjgan, Melek’s 21-year old niece. “But now, thanks to the water system, we can access healthy water easily.”  

Thanks to our supporters’ generosity, we’ve installed 18 systems throughout the region that serve nearly 57,000 people with safe water for drinking, cooking, handwashing, and bathing. The systems have been strategically placed in camps, kitchens, and clinics, where the need is greatest.

Our disaster response teams have installed safe water solutions that serve nearly 57,000 people impacted by the earthquakes in Turkey.

Although their basic needs are now met, Melek and her family are unsure what the future holds.  

“My plan before universities were closed was to…become a police officer,” said Müjgan.  “Currently, our classes are online, but I cannot attend my classes because I have an internet problem. I can’t even imagine if I’ll be able to finish university right now.”

While she waits in this place of uncertainty, 21-year-old Müjgan is helping in the kitchen at the camp. Cooking is one of her hobbies, and serving in this way at the camp gives her some motivation and hope.

With access to safe water, life is now a little bit easier for Melek and Müjgan. They’ve seen their health improve and have one less thing to worry about. They have also begun to hope again, looking forward to a day when it is safe to return to their home and their lives.   

The water system Water Mission installed is very, very good,” said Melek.  “It has been especially good for our health. Thank you so much. Thank you for coming here and installing this system.” 

Additional systems will be installed in the coming weeks to minister to people in need. Through the faithful support of friends like you, we will continue to be able to fight the global water crisis and provide access to safe water around the world. 

Thank you to those who have enabled us reach people in their darkest days with safe water and the hope of God’s love.  


Water Mission was born out of the need for safe water following Hurricane Mitch more than 20 years ago. Since then, support from friends like you have enabled us to serve men, women, and children following some of the world’s most devastating natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Will you prayerfully consider helping us bring safe water to those in need? 

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