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Helping Mothers Raise Healthy Families 

Globally, many mothers struggle to raise healthy families without access to safe water. These mothers watch helplessly as their children suffer from water-related illnesses. Their children even face dangers while collecting water. 


Lucy, a mother and long-time resident of Morpus, Kenya, lost her young son many years ago while he was collecting water. Because the only water source in Morpus at the time was a dry riverbed, residents had to dig deep into the sand to reach the water many meters underground.  

Before Water Mission built a safe water solution in Morpus, mothers and children had to dig deep into a dry riverbed to find water.

Lucy was home cooking for her children while her son was deep in the hole collecting water for the family. Suddenly, Lucy heard cries and screams from the riverbed. When she rushed to investigate, Lucy found that the hole had collapsed, tragically burying her son.   

We are on a mission to end the global water crisis so mothers like Lucy never have to grieve the loss of their children because of this solvable problem. 

Because of caring partners who come alongside Water Mission, we installed a safe water solution in Morpus. Nearly 1,700 people gained reliable access to clean, safe water. Kids no longer need to dig in the riverbed to find water  

Lucy and her neighbors now have reliable access to clean, safe water.

Lucy says that with safe water in the community, “Life has changed completely.” She is grateful that safe water will mean a brighter, safer future for her grandchildren.  

“Now, the children go to school and can get water there,” she said. “We are very thankful.” 

We praise God for partners who help us bring transformation to communities where mothers and grandmothers like Lucy raise their families. With access to safe water, families have improved health, better access to education, and new economic opportunities. As communities witness our clean water charity building lifesaving solutions in the name of the Lord, it opens doors for us to share the gospel.   

One-third of the world’s population still lacks access to safe water, and waterborne illnesses steal more lives every day. The global water crisis is enormous and urgent, but with the Lord’s provision and people like you who come alongside us, there is hope.    

Families no longer have to dig for water that makes them sick (top). Instead, they have clean, safe water at the turn of a tap (bottom).

Your compassion will help mothers build health and hope in their families and show God’s love for His children around the world.