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Three Reasons to Give Safe Water on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a special day—one that serves communities in many ways. While selfless gestures are witnessed all year long, this annual day of giving is viewed as the pinnacle of generosity. Nonprofits inspire, educate, and raise awareness about their unique causes. This year, by giving the gift of safe water, you are contributing to a global generosity movement and helping to restore hope worldwide.

As we prepare for this day of giving on November 30, 2021, we pause to reflect on the impact friends like you have made. Last year, we exceeded our Giving Tuesday match goal by 92%, providing families access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions.

This year, your gift will be matched up to $10,000, thanks to a generous Water Mission partner, Benevolence LA.

Caring people like you have enabled Water Mission to provide WASH solutions for more than 7 million people worldwide. By coming alongside us this Giving Tuesday, you will increase our capacity to serve even more communities. With your support, we can end the global water crisis that currently impacts 2.2 billion men, women, and children.

By supporting Water Mission this Giving Tuesday, you can:

1. Provide families with a life-giving resource. When you support Water Mission with your prayers and gifts, you enable our teams to implement safe water solutions in communities that have never had access to clean, safe water.

2. Pave the way for children to get an education. Did you know that 443 million school days are collectively missed each year due to the global water crisis? Children become so sick from drinking contaminated water that they often miss out on opportunities to attend school.

3. Eliminate the need for women and children to walk miles for unsafe water. Walking for water is a reality that still impacts families every day. Journeys can be dangerous, and the time it takes away from work and school is detrimental. Your prayerful support can provide families with reliable access to safe water close to home.

We encourage you to remember the 2.2 billion people impacted by the global water crisis as we enter the holiday season. Our offices span 10 different countries, and with more than 400 staff members worldwide, our teams are committed to providing access to this life-giving resource.

This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to join our efforts to end the global water crisis, share God’s love, and bless our global neighbors with the gift of safe water.


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