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Four Ways to Honor Others This Christmas Season 

This season, you have the power to change lives in honor of the ones you love. For as little as $10, you can send a beautiful card that shares how your gift will bring safe and Living Water to families in need.  

This year’s honor card tells the story of Cipriana, a mother from Ocoto Alto, Peru. She and her family will soon experience the blessing of safe water for her community.  

“Our biggest dream is that they will have safe water here at home,” she says of her family and her community. “That is the greatest dream we have.” 

Access to safe water transforms the lives of people, like Cipriana.

You can help provide safe and Living Water to people around the world, just like Cipriana. You can even customize your honor card for each person on your list, including: 

  • Family and friends. A gift of safe water shares a story of hope and trust, and raises awareness about the global water crisis that impacts millions of families worldwide. 
  • Co-workers. Thank your boss or colleagues with a gift that helps break the cycle of poverty for those who are awaiting access to safe water. 
  • Teachers. Honor your kids’ teachers this Christmas with a gift that can open doors to educational opportunities for boys and girls around the world. 
  • Church leaders. Your gift will not only meet physical needs but will also share the Living Water message of Jesus Christ to those overwhelmed by grief and hardship. 

This Christmas, you can help provide hope to the 2.2 billion people worldwide who still lack access to safe water in honor of anyone on your list.  

Please pray for Cipriana as she expectantly awaits access to safe water. We invite you to consider extending God’s love to other mothers and families through your gift of safe water. 

To be sure your honor card arrives before Christmas, please order by December 16.