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A Father’s Joy Flowing From Safe Water 

Being a father is both joy and responsibility. It means experiencing delight and wonder, along with the pressure and desire to provide a good life for the family that is so loved. In the rural community of Francisco Madero, on the outskirts of Tapachula, Mexico, Hipolito Avila knows the challenges well. He and his wife, Martha, struggled to provide for their family of five without access clean, safe water.  

Hipolito’s community once drew water from local wells or streams—contaminated sources that regularly caused waterborne illnesses. He saw the water’s negative effects, particularly in children and the elderly. These most fragile of his neighbors, unfortunately, experienced the worst health impacts of the contaminated water. 

With God’s providence, Water Mission learned of the needs in Francisco Madero in 2018. Partnering with Iglesia Solo Cristo Salva y Sana (Only Christ Heals and Saves Church), we built a sustainable safe water system in the community. Now, more than 1,500 men, women, and children have safe water delivered to them daily. 

More than 1,500 residents receive safe water each day.

Hipolito and his community consider access to clean, safe water a true blessing from God, the Father who provided life for us all.

“Thanks to Him, this purifying plant came to our community,” Hipolito says. “We have also felt good health-wise for drinking the water being processed at the purifying plant here, in the Madero township.” 

Members of Hipolito’s community consider their access to safe water a blessing from God.

Once-frequent illnesses from waterborne diseases have decreased, enabling the town’s inhabitants to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. 

“Thanks to Him, this purifying plant came to our community.” 

—Hipolito Avila, father of three  

With worries over daily survival lessened, Hipolito can relax in the joy and delight of his family.

With some pressure of daily survival lifted, Hipolito can delight in the joy of his family. He, Martha, and their children can move beyond surviving into living and thriving. 


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