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Faithful Hearts: Safe Water’s Impact on Ñaupe, Peru 

For many years, residents of Ñaupe, Peru, were forced to rely on water trucked into their small rural community. This water looked clean—but clear water is not necessarily safe water. Unfortunately, the water trucked into Ñaupe was contaminated with microscopic organisms, leaving it unsafe and making many people sick. 

Sisters Elia and Baseliza have lived in Ñaupe for more than half a century. Growing up in the shadow of the Andes mountain range, they were thankful that the Lord provided water in the form of a fresh spring. However, it would take the sisters hours to collect water every day.  

Now in their 70s, Elia and Baseliza can no longer trek into the mountains to collect water from the spring. Still, they trusted that the Lord would provide for their community.  

“We pray together in the morning and the night,” Elia says.  

Baseliza shares that her faith has carried her through difficult times.

“We pray for the whole world, not just Ñaupe,” Baseliza adds, emphasizing her faith that the Lord’s provision is limitless. Inspired by this faith, the sisters even share what little they have with neighbors. 

Time and time again, the Lord has answered prayers for safe water. Sisters Elia and Baseliza now have a Water Mission safe water solution in Ñaupe that pipes safe water directly into every household. Everyone in the community has plenty to drink, cook, and bathe with. Families no longer depend on the government to transport water from out of town. The installation of home latrines has also added health and dignity to families in Ñaupe.  

“Lives have changed very much,” says Baseliza. 

While we celebrate the more than 7 million men, women, and children served so far, a devastating statistic remains: 2.2 billion people are still without access to safe water. This crisis is both enormous and urgent, but it is one that Water Mission is committed to solving. 

Each day, we ask for God’s provision of safe water for all. We also pray for the hearts and minds of communities that have lacked access to this basic resource. Not only have families witnessed severe illness, but they have also walked treacherous journeys and have prayed for change. In 2022, Water Mission is inviting friends like you to commit to praying for those awaiting access to safe water. Because even in the waiting, God is moving and transforming hearts and minds.  

When we partner together in prayer and service, we have an opportunity to provide hope in more communities like Ñaupe, Peru. As we welcome the new year, please pray: 

  • In thanksgiving, for safe water access for those who have waited their entire lives for this blessing.  
  • For God’s favor and provision as global teams bring safe water solutions to communities who anxiously await access. 
  • For global staff as they build relationships, partner with local churches, and train community leaders to help ensure our projects bless families for years to come. 
  • For people we serve to come to know Christ and understand God’s abundant love. 

As you pray for Water Mission’s work in 2022, please consider how you might continue to come alongside us to provide access to safe and Living Water in communities worldwide. Your prayers and support are vital to our mission. 


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