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Equipping the Church to Share God’s Love

When Water Mission builds safe water solutions, we also build relationships with local churches. Together, we can meet physical needs and open doors to the spiritual transformation that only comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

In 2022, we deepened our church partnerships by piloting an updated Living Water training program in Uganda, Mexico, and Kenya. New training modules focused on empowering local pastors with sound biblical knowledge and principles for effective discipleship. 

Pastor Lastone Ngobi in Uganda shared, “The [training] has made it very easy for us to share the good news.”  

Continuous learning is a cornerstone of Water Mission’s work, so we monitor and evaluate the program’s impact. This allows us to understand what is working and refine the program as we roll it out in other countries in 2023. 

“We are now holistic in the way we minister.” — Pastor Joshua Mutibwa, King’s Grace Namakakale in Uganda


The Lord is full of wonderful surprises when we faithfully follow Him. While our safe water projects historically open doors to sharing the gospel, we are also witnessing how our Living Water program helps get safe water to those in need.  

In some communities, people do not understand what is needed to get safe water flowing. When we ask for access to their property to install distribution piping or place a water access point, there can be apprehension. An unexpected benefit of the Living Water program is seeing this apprehension go away as a result of pastors acting as advocates for the project in their community. 

Beloved pastors act as trusted guides, shepherding their flocks through life’s challenges and reminding them of God’s faithfulness. When Water Mission builds relationships with church leaders, helping equip them for their calling, they can become our biggest local advocates.  

Rev. James Ddembe, who oversees our Living Water program in Uganda, says, “After we talked about integral mission and servant leadership in the trainings, church leaders…told people about the safe water project and how they can contribute. So now when our teams engage communities and ask to allow pipes to pass through their land, it is very easy.” 

When people trust their pastors, and pastors trust Water Mission, roadblocks are removed. We can then serve communities quickly, saving lives. We are honored to witness the unique ways in which the Lord works. Thank you for helping to serve people around the world. 


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