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Only Christ Heals and Saves: Safe Water for Francisco Madero, Mexico

At the southern tip of Mexico, in a small town called Francisco Madero, there is a vibrant church community known as Iglesia Solo Cristo Salva y Sana—Only Christ Heals and Saves Church. The church’s name reflects its deepest belief: that the Lord alone will meet all our needs, now and for eternity. 

The church is led by Pastor Rosario Alvarada, a man dedicated to his faith and his community. For generations, he and his church congregation have prayed for God’s provision as residents of Francisco Madero suffered from dangerous waterborne diseases. Contaminated streams and wells were the community’s only available water sources. 

Much of the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico, where Francisco Madero is located, experiences significant water scarcity and severe vulnerability to drought. Poor economic conditions in the state compound these environmental challenges, making safe water both difficult to find and nearly impossible to afford. 

“We didn’t have the resources [to pay for safe water access],” Pastor Rosario told our team. “[So,] we started to pray. … We were praying and said, ‘Lord, You’re the owner of everything, and you will provide. You will touch people’s hearts, and you will act, Father, in a special way.’ We declared God’s blessing there, and we were able to see God’s hand because God provided everything [we needed].” 

Pastor Rosario is really happy to be providing safe water to his community.

In 2018, as Water Mission was working in other communities throughout Chiapasthe Lord led our team to Francisco Madero. We formed a partnership with Pastor Rosario and the community and began making plans to implement a safe water project. 

It is through your generosity that enabled Water Mission to build the sustainable, accessible safe water system in the heart of Francisco Madero for which the church prayed.

The safe water project has dramatically improved the health of the community. It also opened new doors for spiritual growth. Pastor Rosario serves as the water project’s president As part of the community’s household water distribution system, he personally delivers water to his neighbors throughout Francisco Madero. When he brings water to families, he also shares the good news of Jesus Christ, the Living Water. 

“This project is an opportunity and a blessing,” Pastor Rosario shared. “When I take a water jug and enter [people’s] homes, I take the opportunity to say a few words. I invited a person from another community to come to our church, and that person said he’d come soon. That’s a family that, perhaps, has never attended a church… but when I entered their home with a water jug, I had the chance to talk to them about God. That person has now received the Word… the message of salvation. 

“For me as a pastor, this [project] is a great victory on behalf of the church in this community and other communities,” Pastor Rosario continued. “We’re acting as a great blessing to others through the water that we’re taking to people’s homes.” 

“I honestly feel blessed. We’re victorious with this safe water project because we have a God who can do anything; we have a powerful God. We ask God to guide us, to take us in the perfect direction… I trust God that great things are going to happen. I think that what we’ve seen is just the beginning. We’re reaching places we didn’t think we’d reach, where we didn’t believe we’d go. … We’re going to spread everywhere for God’s glory, fulfilling His purposes.” 

– Pastor Rosario

As we anticipate Easter and prepare to celebrate Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, we remember that it is truly Christ alone who heals and saves us. We hope you find inspiration in the huge faith of a small church congregation in southern Mexico, who never let hardship weaken its belief that the Lord would meet all their needs. 

Finally, we invite you to consider how the Lord might be calling you into an even deeper partnership with Him this Easter season through serving our neighbors around the world with safe and Living Water. 

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